Why Should Stroller Accessories Be Installed In Reverse?

- Oct 18, 2017-

Why should Stroller Accessories be installed in reverse?
For the newborn family to buy Stroller Accessories, Stroller Accessories also installed in reverse installation, then why the older baby's Stroller Accessories need to reverse installation?
Stroller Accessories Reasons for reverse installation:
First, this is because the infant head weight accounts for about a quarter of the whole weight, if the forward seat, in the event of a collision, the head of the baby head forward, the fragile cervical will be very Big pull, more dangerous. While the reverse installation of the car seat collision, the back can better support the head, neck, play a better protection and cushioning effect. There is a group of human body model test data: 50KM / H speed test, the collision caused by the neck load of 300KG, and medical evaluation of infants and young children can withstand the maximum load of 130KG, and the use of reverse installation of the seat buffer , The collision generated by the load is less than 80KG.
Second, Stroller Accessories front to install the risk is very large, except the neck load is too large and injured, will lead to cerebral palsy and death, the skull and face will be hit by the wreckage and the risk of injury, the internal organs will be safe With the protection, tighten the baby's abdomen and the risk of injury. And then install Stroller Accessories, these risks are correspondingly reduced much.
Three, in the end when the child can take a positive Stroller Accessories? Since the reverse installation of the car seat will have a better protective effect, so professional practitioners suggested that infants and young children as far as possible has been using the reverse installation of the Stroller Accessories, until unable to ride, or at least two and a half years later Installation of Stroller Accessories, will be conducive to the safety and development of infants and young children.
Car Stroller Accessories for many parents is no longer strange, as a child driving the necessary special car, in the process of driving to give children the most scientific and professional protection. The current car Stroller Accessories mainly through the physical store and network channels, the popularity of online shopping so that parents can also be home to buy.
Stroller Accessories After the collision, the test dummy in the seat was protected from the safety seat, directly to the front, the head hit the baffle. If the real traffic accident, which means that the child will hit the front windshield directly, the security seat in name only, can not bring effective protection of the child, the child's life safety will be a serious threat!
Car Stroller Accessories is directly related to the child's life safety, consumers should be more in the purchase of contrast, carefully selected qualified products, and manufacturers, brands should also strictly control their own product quality, the child's life is responsible.
Although the parents believe that the Stroller Accessories is very important, but also that adults holding the child sitting in the back row is also safe, there is no need to spend money to install security seats. There are also parents that Stroller Accessories can not "a tube in the end", from the child 0 years old to 12 years old, to buy 3 to 4, add up to twenty thousand yuan, feeling too waste.
Stroller Accessories "applauded" no "call", worrying. Many parents can install Stroller Accessories, but they are less likely to use when traveling with their children. State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued a "Chinese city residents using Stroller Accessories current survey results" shows that the use of Stroller Accessories family ratio of 19.7%, and Europe and the United States developed more than 90% of the use of far worse. In all child traffic accidents, more than three quarters of the children were injured on the road.

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