What Is The Fixed Way Of The Stroller Cup Holder?

- Aug 16, 2017-

What is the fixed way of the Stroller Cup Holder?
What is the main way to install the Stroller Cup Holder? There are five main points, three-point and front body care three fixed way, and five-point seat belt fixed mode is the mainstream configuration.
1, five-point / three-point style
Five points are the two points of the shoulder, waist two points, the crotch 1 point, abdomen a buckle buckle seat belts. The most common protection of child care cups is the use of five-point seat belts, seat belts through both sides of the shoulders, buttocks, fixed to the legs between the buckle. Seat belts can be close to the pelvis (crotch and buttocks), shoulders and chest (shoulder strap). In the event of an accident, when the child moves forward within the seat, the elastic belt is able to "catch" them and immediately stop their displacement, while dispersing the collision force on the strong bone of the body. No things hit the children; children will not suddenly hit anything, so that a lot of security.
Three-point is similar to the usual seat belts, shoulder a point, waist two points.
Which need to pay special attention to is: five-point force in the main part of the cervical spine, 9 months before the baby is difficult to sit, so nine months before the baby needs a suitable dedicated child safety basket.
2, front body care type
Front protection body is common in Germany's patented technology, the equivalent of the role of the thigh with the abdomen to restrain the baby, compared with the five-point front compared to the front body care, the child's comfort has been greatly improved.
Whether it is five-point or front body care, no security seat is absolutely the best or the most secure, only for your child, the correct installation and in your every time you travel can be appropriate to use the safety Seat is the best, safe travel concept is more important than other controversy!
Stroller Cup Holder for many parents is no longer strange, as a child riding the necessary special car, in the process of driving to give children the most scientific and professional protection. At present, the Stroller Cup Holders are mainly sold through the physical store and the network, the popularity of online shopping so that parents can also be easy to buy at home.
Child's cup cup in the collision, the seat of the test dummy actually no security seat protection, directly fly to the front, the head hit the baffle heavily. If in a real traffic accident, which means that the child will hit the front windshield directly, the security seat in name only, can not bring effective protection of the child, the child's life safety will be a serious threat!
Stroller Cup Holder seat is directly related to the child's life safety, consumers should be more in the purchase of contrast, careful selection of qualified products, and manufacturers, brands should also strictly control their own product quality, the child's life is responsible.
Childscarf cup holder is designed for children, installed in the car, can effectively improve the safety of children's seats. However, although most parents think that children sit in the stroller cup seat is the safest way to ride, but the domestic city of Stroller Cup Holder has a low rate and utilization rate.
Although the parents believe that Childs Cup seat is very important, but also that adults holding the child sitting in the back is also safe, there is no need to spend money to install security seats. There are parents that Childs Cup cup can not "a tube in the end", from the child 0 years old to 12 years old, to buy 3 to 4, add up to twenty thousand yuan, feeling too waste.
Childs Cup cup "applaud" no "call", worrying. Can be a lot of parents, although the installation of the baby carriage cup, but with children traveling for the map to facilitate the use of less. AQSIQ issued the "Chinese city residents use the stroller cup seat status survey results" show that the use of Stroller Cup Holder family ratio of 19.7%, and Europe and the United States developed more than 90% of the utilization rate far. In all child traffic accidents, more than three quarters of children are injured on the road。

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