What Infant Security Systems

- Oct 26, 2016-

New baby just was born soon, nurse will related information (mother name, and bed,,) entry to label within, nurse in newborn package Shi will anti-cracked intelligent label wearing in newborn of feet wrist Shang, such can through intelligent label within of information to recognition corresponding of mother information, system can real-time monitoring baby whether and mother in with, let baby moments left in reliable people of side. When hold thefts, wrong event occurs, the mother cell phone APP will be warned in time, so that the baby is protected at all times. Real-time monitoring: the system accurately identify babies, but you can also quickly navigate to each baby, mother's current location, at which the current room. While the system is clear, detailed display what babies, mothers in each room. System continuously monitors the position of the baby, monitoring people around baby, and continue monitoring system itself, newborn babies all day in a system under the meticulous attention.

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