There Are Several Key Issues To Consider When Choosing A Baby Four-wheeler Stroller Hook

- Oct 09, 2017-

1. Attention to back design problems: healthy and comfortable
Scientific design is consistent with the characteristics of the back of the baby design: should consider the back of the human body design features, the middle of the corresponding back of the spine is hard, both sides are attached to the elastic design, backrest after the back to the "convex" font, just And the human body back "concave" font structure is consistent, so the baby lying on top of a lot more comfortable than the traditional, is very conducive to the healthy growth of the baby, is a responsible scientific design.
2. Attention to the seat Stroller Hook design (related to the hip development)
Stroller Hook seat as far as possible is not hard board: the baby is relatively small, some bones are not fully ossified, if sitting in a relatively hard or flat-style seats in the face of baby hips bone formation adverse, hip deformation, grow up after the beautiful Alice Buttocks will not be rounded up!
3. Note the baby Stroller Hook design (load, stability, good push)
1. Load and stability: the most stable principle of the triangle, enhanced the stability of the baby carriage, increased the load.
2. good push: whether it is flat road or uphill, its force analysis, you will find the forward force is the largest, so push up very easy and effortless. Analysis, you will find the forward force is the largest, so push up very easy and effortless.
4. Do you have a two-wheel or a single round?
Two-wheel design is more scientific than the single-wheel design: greatly increased Stroller Hook wheel and ground contact surface, in full accordance with the design principles of the car, enhanced stroller stability, shock absorption and safety.
5. Pay attention to the problem of seat width
Many mothers, always want a very wide seat baby carriage, want your baby has a greater activity space, according to the provisions of the European EN188 seat wide (33-38cm), in this range the baby is the safest, not because of The baby's tamper with an accident. Baby car, after all, not a crib, safety first. Please bring your baby seat belt anytime, anywhere.
Baby four-wheel Stroller Hook is mainly used in what place? As for the shopping center and the road flat indoor area, you may want a baby Stroller Hook can be folded tight, open more easily. Umbrellas light weight, compact structure, suitable for travel with the baby and children. They are usually good players. For many consumers, the position of the seat on the front and rear of the shopping cart is better than the side of the seat placed, more suitable for space more narrow areas, such as clothing stores, shopping centers.
 1: newborn baby purchase baby hand Stroller Hook what can be suggested?
We are Wang Shi stroller are Stroller Hook (including seats) + independent sleeping basket + car safety basket triple combination of baby carriages, from the perspective of the safety of newborns, the proposed configuration of a full set.
2: newborn travel, choose those accessories better?
Safe basket for short-distance drive, sleeping basket for long-distance use can make your baby completely lying straight inside the more comfortable (six months below the baby for flat); if used in the car, safety baskets and sleeping baskets can be used to bring safety fixed.
3: Wang Shi infant hand Stroller Hook's seat can lie down?
Seat is sitting can be lying, between 110 ° to 175 °, why not less than 180 °, because the baby in the milk when it is to sit up and lie down, lying down and worried about the baby when the milk May choke the milk, this is not safe, so 175 ° is in line with the EU safety production standards, this is more scientific. (The sitting position is also greater than 90 °, the standard test center will remind 100 ° positive and negative 5 °, vertical sitting will affect the baby's spine development, and baby car before the test can not pass, at 12 ° slope, the baby will fall Out, it is very dangerous)
4: body parts can be removed to wash it?
Yes, my Stroller Hook all the software can be removed, in order to facilitate your replacement cleaning, we can be a separate software with a set, you can also match your favorite different colors.

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