The Use Of Stroller Cup Holder Is Four Big Mistake

- Jul 05, 2017-

The use of Stroller Cup Holder is four big mistake

While parents are driving their children out to play, safety issues cannot be ignored. Recently, the scientific selection and the correct use of the children's cup-holders' consumption tips have revealed four myths about the use of buggy cup holders.

The four myths are:

One is to take a car too soon. Children who are less than a year old and weigh less than 9kg have to travel in the back, because when an accident happens, Stroller Cup Holder the hardest back of the child's body will be better than other parts of the body. When children have reached the age of one year and weigh more than 9 kg, they must be satisfied at the same time.

Two is not to attach the upper pull strap to the corresponding anchor point of the car. Pair, said some cup holder buggies, with a drawstring, encounter this kind of cup holder buggies, please be sure to pull on the belt in the car to the corresponding anchor point, in the event of accident, Stroller Cup Holder pull-up belt can prevent the cup holder flip buggies.

Third, the safety belt in children is too loose. Pointed out that pair if tied up children belt is loose, when the car collision might have left out, Stroller Cup Holder knock against objects inside the car, or against the other passengers, lead to injury. So, the seat belt should be tight, not too loose.

4. Some parents do not operate according to the instructions or signs when they use the children's cup seat, resulting in no fixed or no restraint. Stroller Cup Holder In case of an accident, the children's cup seat will not function accordingly. Therefore, parents must read the instruction manual carefully and strictly follow the instructions to operate the children's cup.

Through the survey found that if children sitting in the back, whether cars have air bags, Achilles' heel will reduce 3/1. Therefore, whether the car have air bags, is the best way to protect children will arrange in the automobile rear children under the age of 12. Here are some safety measures for children of different ages:

Infants (0 ~ 9 kg; 0 ~ 15 months) should be used after the buggies cup holder, place the belt strap on the lower slot, on a par with shoulder height or slightly tall, tied at the top of the seat belt clip in the position of axillary; Never place the baby in the front row with the airbag that can work. Toddlers (more than 9 kg or more than 18 kg above the age of 1) should be used before using the front car seat. Stroller Cup Holder Place the strap of the seat belt in a designated reinforcing slot with high or high shoulder height. Fasten the seat belt to the height of your armpit; Keep the belt strap on your body.

Young children (weighing over 18 kg and the largest 8 years old) use seat belts to position their seats and waist and shoulder belts. Fasten the shoulder belt and fasten the front chest to the shoulders above; Make sure the shoulder belt is not tied to the child's neck, face or arm. 8 ~ 12 years old or height above 1.45 meters keep the seat belt close and close; When installed in the car, the Angle should be less than 45 degrees. Use your waist and shoulder belts; Stroller Cup Holder The shoulder belt passes through the front of the chest just right in the shoulder; The waist belt should be fastened to a lower position, and tighten the child's thigh, should not be higher than the stomach; Never put your shoulder belt under your arm or your child's back.

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