The Important Tips Of Baby Finger Toothbrush For All Mommy

- Aug 05, 2017-

The finger toothbrush is designed to take care of budding baby teeth from the start with state of the art, safe and soft products that children love to chew on.

finger toothbrush for baby

If Long-term not clean up the surface of tooth and tongue.It will probably promote bacterial growth. And it will cause digestive diseases easily, affect infant's growth and development.In general,a signs of teething — heavy drooling, swollen gums when baby was three months old.And it seems to be having unusual pain.Now the parents should offset surfaces assist in the eruption of new teeth by gently massaging your infant's gums.In the first 6-8 months of life,the baby's first teeth would come out.A baby's gums and early teeth should be cleaned after each feeding to prevent gum problems and cavities. 

baby finger toothbrush

How to use:

Let the baby lying in the mother's arms, with a hand fixed baby's head, the other 

hand with a finger slip into the toothbrush.

Use the finger tip toothbrush soak the warm water for baby 

cleaning teeth and gums.


1. Wash before use, and then use steam or cook for 3-5 minutes to disinfection. 

2. After using, you only have to wash with warm soapy water. 

3. Drained and placed in a clean and dry place. 

4. Please put it where the baby can't touch.

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