The Development Trend Of China's Stroller Hook Industry

- Jul 14, 2017-

The development trend of China's Stroller Hook industry

It is a promising industry with great potential for development. From the perspective of market development and domestic environment, far zhuo brand organization believes that the following four development trends will be presented in the next few years.

For one, the market is growing. With the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards have been improving year by year. Suppose a baby is born in a family, and in economic terms, the family will try their best to provide the best material conditions for the baby. According to the data, the number of infants aged between 0 and 6 in China is 108 million, with an estimate of 5,000 yuan per child per child, and the market's long-term capacity will be 500 billion yuan. The push hook is the most typical and universal product of baby children's products, so there is a very large market for pushing the Stroller Hook. The industry is one of the most promising industries in China, and the industry will become China's most dazzling industry in the next three to five years.

Second, branding is unstoppable. Since a few years ago, push coupling industry price war in full swing, finally unable to parry, small enterprises in the brutal price war that closed, closed, or takeover and disappeared in the market, has been accelerating the evolution speed. But as a result of consumer demand offsets and push the Stroller Hook on the design and work of datong, the original "price war" has gradually to the "value", "brand marketing" gradually replace "price marketing" become the new strategy for businesses to open the market. In the future, the market of push-car hook, brand is benefit. Consumers' awareness of the brand, satisfaction and loyalty will determine the competitiveness of the company in the market. Brand by pushing Stroller Hook enterprise more and more attention, then push Stroller Hook enterprise how to make consumers from many push Stroller Hook brand selected in themselves, which became a push Stroller Hook enterprise priority issues. In other words, brand survival has become an irresistible trend of the enterprise.

Third, professional brands operate first. Push coupling industry many enterprises in China also slowly grow into has the strength of large enterprises, they also recognize the importance of brand building, but they have idea can't, don't know how to do the brand, so push coupling industry leader has not set up brand. Mature industry leaders often have formed a brand community, and the development is not very mature industry, often only one or two leaders brand in silent and cultivated, and even there is no leader brand. Such as development has quite mature home appliance industry has emerged as leader brands such as haier, midea, changhong, TCL, and push the Stroller Hook industry in addition to good boy this extremely powerful brand, still can't find the second leadership brand who can spread throughout the country, scolds. This is clearly not stable enough.

Push Stroller Hook cleaning problems, push Stroller Hook cleaning does have a lot of attention, it is not like our private car cleaning with water, it is, after all, the baby car so cleaning cart and take care of our baby, you must be patient and gentle. Can the hook be cleaned? Can, this is certainly possible, and my friend recommended to use the stroller to regular cleaning advice if is summer use cart clean two months, the winter is not necessary to wash so often.

First, push the Stroller Hook, cleaning is not recommended detergent, washing powder, such as cleaning chemicals, recommend to use clean water to rinse, is to wash up more easily, if long time not to clean, clear water must be difficult to clean. Secondly, the body structure can be wiped with a cloth, there is no need to wash with water, the place of the handle can be rinsed with clean water. In addition, some parts of the cart can be removed and cleaned when cleaning, but you must pay attention to the preservation of some parts, and don't wait to find the relevant parts when you assemble again.

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