Stroller Hook To Buy As Much As Possible When The Function Of A Single

- Jul 26, 2017-

Stroller Hook to buy as much as possible when the function of a single
How does the safety of the Stroller Hook product be a lot of parents. Recently, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau organized the province to carry out the supervision and spot checks of toy products, spot checks in Ningbo City, Jinhua City, Taizhou City, Lishui City, four 16 companies 16 batches of hook products, all qualified products. Stroller Hook is expected for children under 14 years of age and the use of infant toys, in order to avoid children in the use of toys in the process of accidents and unnecessary injuries, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau to remind consumers in the Stroller Hook product selection Purchase and use should pay attention to the following:
First of all, the carts as included in the CCC directory of products, sales in mainland China must pass the CCC certification. Consumers in the purchase of the first to see if the product has a CCC certification mark.
Second, different from other products, consumers in the purchase of carts may need to be assembled after their own, the correct assembly is to avoid the use of effective means of injury. So the purchase should check whether the product without instructions, the instructions are detailed description of the product assembly method. After the purchase should be strictly in accordance with the product manual for assembly, use and maintenance, to ensure the safety of the use of the process.
Then, try to buy a single function of the hook hook. Stroller Hook the best "dedicated car", because the function of a single Stroller Hook, relatively structural design and reasonable. In contrast, the combination of one or more of the product is sometimes difficult to take this loss.
 Use the Stroller Hook, pay attention to the following:
  Baby must be tied when the waist belt. Waist seat belt length, size should be adjusted, tightness to put adults four fingers is appropriate, adjust the end of the tail is best left 3 cm. Must not be used in the case of lifting the seat belt, do not let the baby stand up from the car.
  If there is no sidewalk, you have to walk near the side of the motorway, so that you can find the vehicle in time. Similarly, the driver can immediately see you, slow down the speed. This rule also applies to places where the road is relatively narrow. If you want to turn, in the corner of your body to the outside. Do not remember, do not leave the baby at any time in a baby carriage, and must be small baby do not put your fingers into the wheel inside. Baby carriages can be divided into sitting and horizontal and horizontal, regardless of which one, it is best to only 6 months of use of infants, because more than 6 months of baby activity is stronger, more prone to accidents. In addition, do not put debris or sun umbrella hanging on the baby car handrail, otherwise it will make the baby car center of gravity instability and overturned.
  Note the backrest angle. Many Stroller Hook backrest minimum angle why is 170 degrees rather than 180 degrees completely flat? Because the design of the baby trolley angle to consider its safety. If completely 180 degrees flat, the baby easily due to spit and choke; followed by the implementation of the push car, the baby nose easy to suck into the cool breeze; again cart uphill process, Stroller Hook the baby from the top of the carts out of the possibility of sliding. Between the above three points, the minimum angle of the cart is at least 170 degrees is the safest.

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