Stroller Cup Holder Shock Is Very Important, That Treasure Dad Mother How To Choose?

- Aug 28, 2017-

Stroller Cup Holder shock is very important, that treasure dad mother how to choose?
Before the mother to introduce the importance of the Stroller Cup Holder absorbers, mothers know this, but the actual purchase, the mothers can not ask the sales staff, where they do not get the desired answer, so in the Select the child car cup seat, we must first do a good job, to know where to carry out the inspection, today to give mothers explain, how to choose a shock absorber good Stroller Cup Holder, to pay attention to what aspects and many more.
First of all to know where the current market shelter. If the mother carefully read the front of some of the recommended Stroller Cup Holder, you will know that the current way to shock the main use of the following: First, the front wheel shock, the second is four shock absorbers, three built-in spring shock, Is a shock absorber frame. In the wheel shock inside, generally divided into foam tires and pneumatic tires shock absorber, the current market is widely used in large brands inflatable tire shock absorbers, foam tires in some small brand Stroller Cup Holder is still in use. While the big tires in the shock effect is better than the small tires.
Know that there are several kinds of shock, we can be targeted to check. First look at the stall to buy a cup holder is what way to use shock. Currently there are many sidewalks on the market using multiple shock absorbers, that is, in front of the shock absorber together, such as the front shock absorber with built-in spring shock absorber and frame shock, the use of multiple shocks Childs Cup Seat effect is generally better, of course, the price is relatively expensive.
General city home selection of front wheel rubber rear wheel inflatable basic is on it, if it is rural or residential ground is not flat, you can use the front wheel plus a shock absorber spring models. In the face of the same method of shock absorber stroller cup is to compare the two car tire material. General knowledge is that inflatable tire foam tires, large tires better than small tires, with a shock absorber spring is stronger than without a shock absorber. Hope to help mothers to choose a satisfied Stroller Cup Holder.
There are a lot of novice mothers before the baby was born to prepare a lot about the baby's baby supplies. Among them, the Stroller Cup Holder is more novice mother to buy a ready to buy supplies. But when you buy back suddenly thought of one thing, Childs Cup Cup to the child how much age to use? This time will be very panic, because do not know how much to use, so afraid to buy will be wasted. In fact, baby car cup seat in the baby was born when you can use, but because of the different age, suitable for the type of Stroller Cup Holder will be different mothers do not need to worry about this problem.
What is the type of baby car cup in the baby under what age?
Just born -1 years old
  Baby in the newborn when you can use the Stroller Cup Holder, and in the type, we must choose some comfortable, asleep will not affect the development of the bones. Because the baby was born, the bones have just developed, if this time for the baby to sit for a long time, or sleep Stroller Cup Holder has an impact. That baby in the growth time will lead to physical problems.
1 year old or older
  In the 1 year old baby can use the medium wheel or a light car. In general, although the baby's body is still developing, but by the impact of the baby cup seat will not be great, but still can not sit for a long time. This time you can choose some medium-sized wheel baby trolley. After all, 1 year old love moving, so the choice of height is not very high. Or choose light. Light for a little older age, this time the role of Childs Cup cup is most of the convenience of mother with a child.
  Stroller Cup Holder in the baby was born when you can use, with the change of age, suitable for the Stroller Cup Holder is not the same. So as long as a certain age to choose the right Stroller Cup Holder just fine.

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