Stroller Cup Holder Gives Advice To The Father

- Sep 18, 2017-

Stroller Cup Holder gives advice to the father
  Now on the market Stroller Cup Holder is really a lot of features, are upgraded to be able to eat, sleep, play games and so on. Look at the dazzling Stroller Cup Holder, the brand is different, the design is also different, how to choose the baby father should be suitable for the baby, but also the quality of the guaranteed hand Stroller Cup Holder? Look at these suggestions:
1. Stroller Cup Holder stability
  As with all child supplies, we will put security before all the problems, safety first to ensure stability, some Stroller Cup Holder although usually can remain stable, but when the handle on the Mummy bag will be hung The Stroller Cup Holder also has stability problems.
  2. neglected seat belts
  Like the car safety seats, the Stroller Cup Holder's seat belts are also important. In the event of an emergency, a 5-point seatbelt system can effectively protect your baby. Although the 3-point seatbelt system is relatively weak, For the usual shopping malls sun is enough.
  3. Adjustable height handle
  Stroller Cup Holder handle height is appropriate, is the key to your implementation of comfort, choose a handle can adjust the Stroller Cup Holder, can let different height of the father and mother can be comfortable to implement.
  4. Handle comfort
  As with the racket, it is also important for the Stroller Cup Holder to fit you, and a handle that covers the foam or other material will reduce your slippage and ensure that your baby is in your control at all times.
  5. Do not knock
  Most of the parents in the purchase of Stroller Cup Holder when the image is just trying to push a few steps, this is not enough, please put the face pushed to run, a lot of bad design Stroller Cup Holder, this time will be knocked Your feet.
  6. Storage space
  Often go to the extreme of the two cases is, or do not care about the storage space, the results of the last time with a small bag no place to put (believe me, there will be a pile of packages), or that is too much attention to storage space, the results Bought a thing too much to fold the car is very troublesome. Please purchase a car with as many storage space as possible in a simple storage, opening and closing and transportation. At the same time, according to your personal hobbies, matching some accessories, such as a cup holder, a snack plate, a mobile phone rack.
  7. Damping system
  Why the Stroller Cup Holder, which looks very advanced, has a big wheel because the shock absorber is a very important indicator for the good Stroller Cup Holder. Try to push the car down the stairs or the gravel road before buying. Road conditions, you can clearly feel the difference between good and bad shock absorption.
  8. One-handed folding
  This is a person after you go out with a baby often encounter a problem, first test, weight, simplicity, design, will be reflected in this one action.
  9. Full load test
  Before buying, please put your baby in the Stroller Cup Holder, plus all the bags you can think of like, one hand and try, Stroller Cup Holder good or bad, you can immediately come out The

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