Stroller Accessories To Find The Market Strike Out

- Sep 07, 2017-

Stroller Accessories to find the market strike out
Infant car accessories industry investment involves a considerable amount of funds, and baby carriages accessories industry is also very much involved in the type of product. So the Stroller Accessories business should be through the market research, and according to their own strength and the requirements of the target customers, to establish the correct development strategy, not blindly cut into the enterprise is not familiar with the market segments. Identify their own positioning, spend great efforts to solve the brand quality, design and development, marketing and other aspects of the problem, do fine through a certain area. Accurate positioning is the guarantee of the success of business development, so get your piece of "cake" is relatively easy.
 In recent years, China's baby carriage accessories industry in the mold level, production management, quality management has been very mature, there is no big problem, modern plant, modern equipment more and more. But the Stroller Accessories development and design of the plagiarism, imitation, follow the wind problem is still quite serious.
Which is a typical case is the "wisdom Fort" of the "off-road king electric car." According to the author's observation, the peak period, the national plagiarism of the product manufacturing enterprises no less than 10 home. And nearly two years of Stroller Accessories on the market, "simulation car war", "chariot war" is imitation, follow the best evidence. The result is a serious homogenization of products on the market, inevitably fall into the battle of the price war.
I believe that: blindly plagiarism, imitation, follow the trend will only enterprises and even the entire baby carriage accessories industry to death alley push. The industry should vigorously advocate attention to the original design, respect for the intellectual property of the atmosphere. With a certain size of the Stroller Accessories business may wish to add a design department in the enterprise, set up their own design team, set up a set of design and development processes and plans, and gradually form an independent product development thinking and model. Another design company is also a good way. At the same time, it is also necessary to unite the relevant departments and professional lawyers to combat piracy.
China's Stroller Accessories industry will continue to move forward quickly, mature business performance steady growth, emerging enterprises to bring the surprise. We look forward to more Stroller Accessories business in the fierce competition in the market to the last laugh.
In recent years, with the rapid development of the baby carriage accessories market, the global consumption of baby carriages accessories more than 100 billion yuan, only from China, these years continued baby boomers and spending power steadily improved, making the domestic baby carriage accessories Unusually hot. In this context, the country to "four Stroller Accessories industry plate" -based baby car parts manufacturing enterprises have sprung up, a time around the Stroller Accessories industry have launched, the formation of stroller accessories market, the Central Plains pattern.
 In the Stroller Accessories market prospects, and showing a "hot" trend of the case, many problems also come with the price war, ignoring the brand and market cultivation, only focus on immediate benefits and other issues on the Chinese baby carriage accessories industry The health of sustainable development poses a great threat.
It is understood that the EU REPAX through statistics, January 1, 2013 to November 15, 2013 China's exports of toys and children's products have been notified by the European Union has reached 544 cases, which due to toxic and hazardous substances containing excessive reporting cases up to 123 cases, Accounting for 23%, while the DEHP plasticizer content exceeded the most concentrated, a total of 89 cases, accounting for toxic and hazardous substances reported cases of nearly 70%.
With the steady improvement of the level of economic development and consumption of the main habits of change, China's domestic market, Stroller Accessories market has undergone profound changes in the past to fight the "price war", hit the world measured gradually failure, many do not have core competitiveness Enterprises are gradually being eliminated.

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