Stroller Accessories To Buy The Method

- Jun 20, 2017-

Stroller Accessories to buy the method
Buy baby accessories to the baby from the security point of view to do some considerations. In addition, the baby carriage is not the more the more valuable to buy, to choose a practical baby carriage.

First, buy baby carts, should check the cart is easy to open, check the seat belt and lock, insurance device. National standards for stroller accessories seat belt requirements: the upper than the cushion 180mm, shoulder strap, fork, cross the minimum width of 15mm, 20mm, 50mm.

Second, the baby carriage accessories between the length of the pocket and the handrail to 180mm or more, the seat is too shallow, the child turned over or twisted in the car when the center of gravity shift, likely to cause rollovers; seat pocket in front of the band width In more than 50mm, too narrow enough to hurt the baby. Good baby stroller accessories, generally have double insurance, as long as the operation is correct is not a sudden folding accident

Third, the baby carriage accessories lock, the insurance device is indispensable. The upper part of the cart is controlled by a locking device, the device must be strong, and in the technical indicators on the need to stay in the baby reach out of reach, because the baby once touched the locking device easy to hurt.

Fourth, the use of carts before the parents must read the instructions in detail, especially the precautions and maintenance sections, in accordance with the instructions will hang the insurance device one by one, must be on-site operation, and carefully check; when the cart is turned on , The lock must be opened and the insurance mechanism to fold the cart; the wheel should be equipped with a brake mechanism such as a car in general, the children's cart brake device to prevent the car parked when the slippery slippery, the purchase should be field testing device flexibility and Effectiveness.
 Many tigers in the purchase of baby carriages accessories, is particularly vulnerable to a stylish and stylish high-profile Stroller Accessories to attract. It is said that this high-profile cart has been popular in the European continent, do not buy on the OUT! So in the end this cart, with the traditional baby carriage accessories What is the difference?

Optional baby carriage accessories to pay attention to whether the removable cleaning, or whether there is a net breathable At present there are products on the market to emphasize anti-mite antibacterial fabric, is also a good choice. Also, do not choose too bright colors, because the safety dyes are usually only a few basic colors, not all the color of the dye is safe.

Some consumers tend to sit in which more appropriate, you can have a larger range of activities, six months under the baby because the neck and back has not yet mature, often can not stand firm. When the trolley encountered uneven road, because the left and right to shake the baby and millions of damage.

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