Stroller Accessories Of The Development Trend Of What

- Oct 09, 2017-

Stroller Accessories, originated in Europe, has been more than three hundred years of history, but the emergence of only 10 years in China, and now China has become the world's largest carcass manufacturing country, some foreign security standards are disabled Of the models, but full of the domestic market, at any time threatening the safety of the baby. The Stroller Accessories are now available in a luxurious style (full-length, half-lying) for long-term use, as well as light and easy-to-use (also known as a van). There is also a tricycle that specializes in outdoor, tires larger (such as bicycles inflatable tires) that can drive babies to run.
 Stroller Accessories from luxury to necessities
Survey data show that 10 years ago, 80% of people also believe that Stroller Accessories is a luxury, but at present, the vast majority of people have the Stroller Accessories as a necessity. It is based on the concept of people's transformation, at present, the domestic market has 10 billion yuan Stroller Accessories. But different from other baby products market in the monopoly of foreign investment situation, Stroller Accessories market dominated the brand to do a thriving.
Good boy group has been involved in the development or revision of the EU, Japan, the United States and other places a number of Stroller Accessories standard. Mathematics teacher origin Song Zheng also said, "continuous technological innovation is the enterprise in the international market to break a world of the most important weapon."
However, Song Zheng also believes that, compared to home appliances and other industries, Stroller Accessories industry market-oriented or the degree of integration of resources is still not enough, the company will integrate the future production, sales, recycling and other links, build platform-based enterprises.
Betting Stroller Accessories market
Although it is still dominated by the production of Stroller Accessories, the future of the good boy is betting on the Stroller Accessories market. "The number of newborns in the United States is only one fifth of China, and the sales volume of Stroller Accessories is 15 million, 1.2 times that of China." Song Zheng believes that most people have not yet established the awareness of using Stroller Accessories, Domestic car Stroller Accessories usage is only 1%.
"European and American countries will introduce laws and regulations to force owners to use the safety seat in the baby, but the relevant domestic law legislation probably three to five years time." Good boy chief operating officer Zhu Yunlong said. Has been for many years in the auto show "Stroller Accessories public welfare promotion," the car home CEO Qin said: "The reason why every year to do the Stroller Accessories to promote public projects, but also to promote national legislation and universal use of consciousness.
Song Zheng also believes that the future, the state introduced the mandatory use of Stroller Accessories the possibility of very large, with the owners to improve the use of awareness, the market will be a "blowout situation." At present, the domestic Stroller Accessories market is growing at an annual rate of more than 2 times.
Scientific design is consistent with the characteristics of the back of the baby design: should consider the back of the human body design features, the middle of the corresponding back of the spine is hard, both sides are attached to the elastic design, backrest after the back to the "convex" font, Stroller Accessories just And the human body back "concave" font structure is consistent, so the baby lying on top of a lot more comfortable than the traditional, is very conducive to the healthy growth of the baby, is a responsible scientific design.

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