Stroller Accessories Material Selection Of Good Or Good Aluminum Alloy

- Aug 28, 2017-

Stroller Accessories material selection of good or good aluminum alloy
Now the mothers choose Stroller Accessories, the first to consider the safety, the second to consider the light, the third to consider fashion pull the wind. No matter how to choose, Stroller Accessories quality and safety is the mother of the preferred conditions. Stroller Accessories quality is good, mainly to see the Stroller Accessories frame material. Recently, many mothers to consult the "Stroller Accessories material selection of steel or aluminum alloy is good?" Here we follow Wei Kedi together to discuss the next:
British scientists have shown that: steel pipe material is not good quality aluminum alloy, and now most of the high-profile Stroller Accessories, are used in the import of aluminum alloy material as the main part of the Stroller Accessories.
 1, high-grade aviation aluminum alloy white frame, frame with high-strength aviation aluminum alloy material, after non-toxic anode surface treatment, impact resistance, scratch resistance, higher cold resistance coefficient.
2, aluminum alloy greatly improved the mechanical strength and surface hardness of aluminum, and still maintain the inherent weight of aluminum, the use of its value greatly increased.
3, in particular, after a variety of aluminum alloy surface treatment, both shiny metallic luster, the surface is very smooth and delicate, soft and gorgeous color, as the performance of excellence; and steel is easy to rust, but also easy to break.
 4, the frame material must have toughness, thick, so as to ensure the safety of the baby. In the state of the brake, 160 pounds of weight of adults, stepped on the frame without any problems, no shaking, more solid, more secure.
In short, the choice of baby carriages accessories, Stroller Accessories rack is the key to carrying baby safety, try to choose when the choice of aluminum, so the baby's safety is good.
 Now the society is the Stroller Accessories society, think about our childhood when they are sitting, what kind of bamboo baby car racks, sit up and will be ass. Today's Stroller Accessories and far before, now the baby enjoy ah! Before the Stroller Accessories in addition to relatively light, the other is not how? A lot of news reports baby carriages accessories security incidents, mothers vividly.
Now the Stroller Accessories, whether from the appearance or function are very in place, Stroller Accessories can be a one-touch, whether it is placed inside the car trunk or pull can be very light to take home. How do Stroller Accessories fold? Here we mainly to introduce the next Stroller Accessories how to fold (pictured);
 The first step, the Stroller Accessories are placed, gesture hands clenched Stroller Accessories handle, right hand side has a key folding function. Press this button down after the force can be folded, slowly put the lowest. On the left there is a hook, the Stroller Accessories on the rear wheel can be linked to the top. Summary, Stroller Accessories can easily be folded, one-click folding, no need to help. Light and convenient.
As shown in the figure, the baby trolley it is very easy to open the way to open, as long as the right hand side of the button down slowly forced to fold up, if you need to open, then also hold the right hand button up force Can be expanded.
Before the mother to introduce the importance of stroller accessories shock, mothers know this, but the actual purchase, the mothers can not ask the sales staff, where they do not get the answer, so in the Choose baby carriages accessories, we must first do a good job, to know where to check, and today to give mothers explain, how to choose a shock-resistant Stroller Accessories, to pay attention to what aspects and many more.
Know that there are several kinds of shock, we can be targeted to check. First look at the stroller accessories to buy is what way to use shock absorbers. There are many Stroller Accessories on the market using multiple shock absorbers, that is, in front of the shock absorber together, such as the front wheel shock with built-in spring shock absorber and frame shock, the use of multiple shock stadium Accessories effect is generally better, of course, the price is relatively expensive.

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