Stroller Accessories Four Basic Purchase Criteria You Really Know It

- Aug 16, 2017-

Stroller Accessories four basic purchase criteria you really know it
Do not understand to watch the fun, understand the doorway. For everyone, any industry is tracked, if the quasi-accurate, and soon will be able to enter. Now the Stroller Accessories become increasingly hot, but the heat heat, the author has received a lot of advice this year, every child concerned about the safety and health of children growing Baba Ma Ma biggest question is how to buy a suitable Stroller Accessories? What is the specific standard? There is no doubt that Stroller Accessories as a child of the necessary artifact, can effectively reduce the child's injury rate, the role of the critical moment should not be overlooked.
First, the Stroller Accessories four basic purchase criteria:
To be honest, thousands of Stroller Accessories on the market, so that parents dazzled, dizzying, how to buy seems to be a woman that woman is reasonable, father said father reasonable. In fact, thousands of seats in the back, together to follow the basic purchase criteria.
The so-called basic standards, in fact, is very simple, refers to fully meet and protect the basic requirements of children's safety standards, but also the main criteria. Relatively speaking, other additional standards such as comfortable, convenient, high value. Therefore, the Stroller Accessories four basic purchase criteria, summarized as follows: children's car safety chair
1. Stroller Accessories must be suitable for the baby's weight, height. And match the model.
2. Stroller Accessories must match the model, can be easily installed.
3. Stroller Accessories The most critical is to see whether it has been through safety certification, as well as the structure, buckle design, material.
4. Stroller Accessories for the head, body, and hips should have the appropriate protective measures.
Second, the Stroller Accessories classification criteria and description:
On the basis of the basic purchase standard for stroller accessories, the following is further classified. The classification of Stroller Accessories is mainly based on child weight and age, which is the current mainstream classification criteria. Other categories are based on whether the interface system is ISOFIX or Latch or security division. Today is to say that the mainstream Stroller Accessories common classification criteria can be divided into five categories:
Classification 1. Use for newborns up to 15 months (or infants weighing 2.2 kg -13 kg). This type of Stroller Accessories are generally equipped with swingable bottom, as well as a handle, can be used as a safe hand basket.
Newborn to 15 months Stroller Accessories
Category 2. Applicable to newborns to 4 years old children (or children weighing between 2.2 kg and 18 kg). The design also provides two functions: first for newborns to nine months of infants, and then changed to 9 months for infants to 4 years old children. In addition, this seat in particular on the use of attention to the newborn to 9 months of the baby need to reverse the installation of seats, 9 months to 4 years old to be installed to the newborn, but the installation of two necessary Conditions: the first is the weight of children in more than 9 kg; the second is the children can sit up, the two are indispensable.
0-4 year old Stroller Accessories
Category 3. Suitable for children aged 1 to 4 (or children weighing between 9 kg and 18 kg). This Stroller Accessories, design is simple, less functional, suitable for slightly larger children use.
1-4 year old Stroller Accessories
Classification 4. Suitable for children aged 1 to 12 years (or children weighing between 9 kg and 36 kg). This kind of safety seat is an interesting combination of products, both for a toddler (age from 1 to 4 years old) to prepare the seat, but also to remove the seat of the seat belt and the direct use of adult safety Band, available to 12 years old. The disadvantage of this product is that children aged 1 and 12 are quite different, so they are less comfortable for smaller babies.
1-12 year old Stroller Accessories
Category 5. Car safety seats for children aged 3 to 12 years (or children weighing between 15 kg and 36 kg). This seat has more side and head protection than the car seat cushion. The height of the head rest is raised with the height of the child, you can use the child height of 145 cm height. The headrest side has a harness guide hole that ensures that the seat belt is far from the neck.
So, for their own is the best, according to the above criteria, wandering in the Stroller Accessories outside the parents do not have to worry about, the basic can be assured that boldly buy baby carriages accessories.

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