Precautions For Purchase Of Stroller Accessories

- Jul 14, 2017-

Precautions for purchase of Stroller Accessories

Many hipster moms are particularly attracted to a sleek, stylish stroller when they buy baby strollers. It is said that this kind of high - view stroller parts have become popular in Europe, no longer buy OUT! So what's the difference between a pram and a traditional pram?

The purchase of Stroller Accessories should be taken care of whether it can be removed or cleaned, or whether there is a net air vent. There are also products on the market to emphasize anti-mite antibacterial fabric, which is also a good choice. In addition, don't choose too bright colors, since safe dyes usually have only a few basic colors, and not all dyes are safe.

Some consumers tend to sit in the more appropriate, can have a larger range of activities, the baby below six months is not mature due to the neck and back, often still can not oneself sit steady. When a stroller meets an uneven road surface, it will cause a lot of damage to the baby.

While there are many benefits to the high - view stroller, some of the mothers insist that the tradition is beautiful, and still choose to buy the low-view Stroller Accessories. Compared with the high - view stroller parts, traditional Stroller Accessories are more likely to maintain stability due to low center of gravity, so the price is usually more affordable. In addition, if your baby is naturally timid and sits on a high - view car, you should also consider choosing a traditional pram accessory with a low view.

Stroller Accessories should be considered from a safety perspective. In addition, the more the pram is not, the more it is worth buying, choosing a practical pram.

First, choose Stroller Accessories, check the opening of the baby stroller, check the safety belt and lock, the insurance device. The seat belt of the national standard for pram fittings is: it is higher than the seat cushion 180mm, the minimum width of the shoulder belt, fork belt and span is 15mm, 20mm and 50mm respectively.

Secondly, the depth between the pockets of the stroller and the armrest is more than 180mm, the seat is too shallow, and the child's center of gravity shifts when turning or wiggling in the car, which can easily cause a rollover accident. The band width should be more than 50mm in front of the seat. Baby stroller parts, generally have double insurance, as long as the operation is correct is not to happen suddenly collapse accident

Thirdly, the lock and the insurance device of the Stroller Accessories are indispensable. Stroller Accessories upper umbrella is controlled by a locking device, the device must be strong, and requirements on the technical indicators to Ann in babies out of the reach of hand, because the baby once touches locking device is easy to hurt the hand.

Before the fourth, the use of Stroller Accessories, parents must repeatedly read operation instruction, especially the matters needing attention and maintenance in accordance with the instructions will be insurance device to hang up one by one, be sure to site operation, and carefully check; When the pram parts are opened, the lock and the insurance mechanism must be opened to fold the stroller. The wheel should be equipped with the brake mechanism such as the car, the brake device of the children's stroller can prevent the slip and slip when the car is parked, the flexibility and effectiveness of the testing device should be used when buying.

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