Pick The Baby Stroller Hook Four Principles

- Sep 07, 2017-

Pick the baby Stroller Hook four principles
Baby Stroller Hook is not only the baby essential "means of transport", it is the hot mom who bring the baby to go out to play the necessities, that father and mother should be how to pick the baby four wheel cart? Here we simply look at the following:
Pick the baby Stroller Hook four principles
First, buy baby carts, you should carefully check the baby Stroller Hook open is convenient, seat belts and locks, the safety device is safe and reliable. The national stroller standard for the baby Stroller Hook seat belt requirements: the upper circumference is higher than the cushion 180mm, shoulder strap, fork, cross the minimum width of 15mm, 20mm, 50mm.
Second, the depth of the baby Stroller Hook between the pocket and the handrail to 180mm or more, if the seat is too shallow, the child twisted in the car or turn the body when the center of gravity will be offset, it is likely to cause rollovers; Pocket in front of the band to the width of 50mm or more, if too narrow, it is easy to hurt the baby.
Third, the baby Stroller Hook lock, insurance and other safety devices are indispensable. The umbrella on the baby carriage is controlled by a locking device, which must be strong enough to fit in the baby's reach, because the baby once accidentally touched the locking device is easy to hurt Baby's hand.
Fourth, the use of the baby before the Stroller Hook, Mom and Dad must be carefully read the instructions carefully, in particular, some precautions and maintenance, in strict accordance with the instructions will hang the insurance device one by one, be sure to personally operate and seriously Check; when the cart is opened, the lock and the insurance mechanism must be opened to fold the cart; the wheel should be equipped with a brake mechanism such as a car in general, the child's cart's brake device can prevent the car from slipping when slipping The flexibility and effectiveness of the field testing device. Children's carts should be used under adult care. In a nutshell, buy baby baby Stroller Hook from the safety point of view to do some considerations. In addition, the baby carriage is not the more the more valuable to buy, to choose a practical baby carriage.
 Baby Stroller has a tilted plastic Stroller Hook is very convenient to use, and its seat belt can be fixed baby, you can bring the baby to the more recent place, you can place anywhere, the baby sitting on top can also see the surrounding everything of. (Some baby car safety Stroller Hook can also be used.) The base must be larger than the Stroller Hook, or the Stroller Hook may be overturned when the child is active. There are some cloth Stroller Hook can move with the baby's movement. When you put the child on any kind of Stroller Hook, and then put them together on the console or the table, we must pay special attention, because the child's activities are likely to make Stroller Hook little by little to the edge, Then fell down.
Infant Stroller Hook is often used too much, because the baby into the chair is more likely to look after, but this way, the baby will be lack of physical contact. Adults must pick up the baby from time to time to feed and appease. Plastic baby Stroller Hook is not the best tool for caring for children. Children in the cloth baby strap or baby bag will be more happy and safe, your hands can be liberated, the pressure on the should also reduce some.
Young babies are generally better, cradle can be very effective to let them quiet down. Of course, a cloth of baby pockets can also play the same role. But by contrast, the cradle can let you take a break. I think the baby is not really addicted to the cradle, but too long a trance movement is likely to be no good for them.
Infant Stroller Hook is the main cause of the child's injury. In addition to providing short pleasure, it has no other benefits, but the danger is obvious. Adults should not use the Stroller Hook for their children.

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