How To Choose The Stroller Cup Holder Seat To Be Harmless To The Baby

- Jul 14, 2017-

How to choose the Stroller Cup Holder seat to be harmless to the baby

Children are the future of flowers, is baby of the family, parents in addition to the hope that children happy also hope children can grow up flatly Ann's, recently there are a lot of the young mother said baby buggies cup holder will cry or don't like buggies cup, sometimes mothers also found that babies can't lie or lie in a cup holder buggies uncomfortable, so how to choose the cup holder buggies to the baby didn't hurt.

One: children of different ages will use different Stroller Cup Holder holders.

Children aged 0-1: make sure you use tall buggies. Because the car exhaust is so bad now, it's all down to the surface. If the baby sits low, it's the biggest victim. Automobile exhaust can affect baby brain development and mental damage. It's best to lie on your back when your baby is within six months or when you need to take a long ride. Because the baby is still very delicate, lying is the most healthy pose.

1-2.5 years old: you can choose the middle - wheel high - range luxury Stroller Cup Holder holder. Because the baby of this age often refuses the seat belt in the buggy, and is active and active. It's too high to fall on a big wheel. The middle wheel buggy, often soft and comfortable, lighter than the weight of the big wheel, the height is moderate, easy for the baby to climb down.

2.5-4 - year - old baby: recommend small - round portable buggies. The baby is getting stronger and stronger, the comfort level of the children's car is reduced, and the frequency of travel increases. As the weight of the baby increases, the weight of the Stroller Cup Holder seat should be reduced and easy to carry out. When the old man or mother alone is playing with the baby, the child's weight is light, so as to facilitate up and down the stairs, the car and the subway. It is also important that Stroller Cup Holder fold easily. When the mother is a person, the energy dispersive, need to fold the child car cup seat as soon as possible, one side rides or up and down stairs.

Two: Stroller Cup Holder seat must use formal brand

Experts remind, first of all, the high view Stroller Cup Holder seat must use the formal brand, the choice does not choose three products. Secondly, the pram should have safety facilities such as seat belts and brakes to prevent the sliding of the side of the chubbub during the course of use. Finally, check the brakes.

In the process of using the stroller, it is important to check whether the joint of the body is firm, the screw loose, etc., so as to ensure that the stroller can be fully expanded and the brake performance is good.

3: spend the least amount of money on the best kid's cup seat

Now quality is somewhat nice cup holder buggies are expensive, for Stroller Cup Holder buggies, baby use time is not long, high landscape cup holder buggies also is to use a years time, 2 to 3 years old baby, namely the use of portable type umbrella car.

Because infant stage of development is very important, uncomfortable sit for a long time can affect the growth of baby's spine, bone, which affect health, so the young parents must according to the above said to choose the baby umbrella for Stroller Cup Holder。

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