How To Check The Safety Of The Baby Stroller Organizer

- Sep 07, 2017-

How to check the safety of the baby Stroller Organizer
  Baby Stroller Organizer is the essential tool for baby travel, with the increase in consumer demand, baby Stroller Organizer has been invited to the impression of its past, the function has also been upgraded baby can eat, sleep, play games, etc., on the market Baby Stroller Organizer so much, parents how to choose the most secure Stroller Organizer it, today we come to find out.
 A: appearance, with a visual and hand touch method to check whether the baby can reach the exposed area of the opening of the tube, whether there are dangerous cracks and sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs.
Two: brake, press the brake lever, a little hard forward, after the push and pull, observe the brake lever is off, sliding. In addition, the brake lever is best marked with a clear color, so you can avoid the use of the wrong step.
Three: Set the basket, in order to ensure Stroller Organizer center of gravity is stable, the location of the basket should be lower, and close to the rear wheel.
Four: fabric, to avoid the choice of color is too bright fabric, because the more bright the more ingredients to add the chemical composition. The cloth part to be able to remove the cleaning to ensure the continued use of clean.
Five: handlebar, the film surface to smooth, no peeling, cracking, leakage paint, wrinkled skin and aggregated sand. If it is sprayed parts, the surface should be smooth and smooth, uniform coating thickness, can not have exposed at the end, stains, color mixing defects.
Six: folding device, repeated several times to see whether the device is flexible, with or without obstruction to open and close the phenomenon. To prevent the Stroller Organizer from accidentally folding, the folding locking device should take two steps to open and check that the locking device is easily loosened.
Seven: seat belts, seat belts to include at least a group of belts and a crotch belt. Belt and the minimum width of the crotch belt should be 20mm, the width of the shoulder strap should be a minimum of 15mm.
Eight: plate, plate material and paint must meet the safety standards. This is no way to check the ordinary consumers, and in the "children Stroller Organizer safety requirements of the national standard" in this made clear. Therefore, to the regular shopping venues to buy well-known brand of baby carriage more insurance.
Nine: pocket: seat pocket to match the age of the baby. 6 months below the baby is best lying in the Stroller Organizer, the selection to ensure that the stretch of the "small bed" flat, there is no obvious bend of the traces of bending, soft and hard moderate, the minimum internal height of not less than 180mm. Stroller Organizer Stroller Organizer with an angle of less than 150 ° between the backrest and the cushion is not suitable for babies of less than 6 months. Can be folded into the umbrella of the light Stroller Organizer because the back is not supported, not suitable for 10 months below the baby.
Ten: small parts, in the baby can reach the scope, there should not be into the mouth of the small parts. For non-removable small parts, should not let the baby with your fingers or teeth pulled out. In addition to the seat belt, there should be no strings, straps and other narrow strips.
Eleven: the wheel, the Stroller Organizer on a flat ground to see if it can be placed smoothly (the wheel landing degree should be less than 5mm). Straight line, test whether the deviation from the line. Press the horizontal "8" -shaped push to see whether the wheel rotation is flexible.
  Infant Stroller Organizer safety is essential for the baby, I believe that understanding so much, parents in the choice of baby Stroller Organizer can be inspected from the eleven aspects, so choose a suitable for their baby Stroller Organizer.

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