How To Buy A Suitable Stroller Accessories For Your Baby

- Aug 07, 2017-

How to buy a suitable Stroller Accessories for your baby

Now, there are more and more Stroller Accessories on the market, and the style is becoming more and more fashionable. For young parents, shopping for a suitable cart for the baby, besides the appearance and color of the fashion, will also need to refer to a number of related health science factors. The child pushcart expert tells you how to buy a suitable Stroller Accessories for your baby:

1. The appearance of the Stroller Accessories

The appearance here is not the color and style of the body, but the details that the baby's delicate skin may be exposed to. It is necessary for parents to check whether there are open openings in the area, whether there are cracks and sharp edges, sharp corners and burrs. The standard of safety is that the hand feels smooth after the touch, not the diaphragm to the skin

2. The brake system of the Stroller Accessories

Braking system is related to the safety of baby stroller accessories, parents pushing a baby when you go out, fixed baby stroller accessories of the brake system is very important, can ensure that when parents hand from the handlebar baby stroller accessories can be fixed in place. The standard for testing is to press the brake and push the stroller to see if the brakes will jump and slide. Also, the brakes should be brightly colored (red) as a warning, so as not to step on them in an emergency.

3. A basket for Stroller Accessories

In order to make it easy to travel and shopping, baby strollers are usually fitted with a basket. The scientific design of the basket should be fixed in the lower part of the car so that the center of gravity of the pram will be stable when it is full.

4. A bushing for Stroller Accessories

Although it is said that the selection of accessories for pram is now strictly tested, the indicators are also in line with national standards. But in fact, the more brightly colored, the more intricate the fabric, the more chemically added than monochromatic fabrics. So if out of care for the baby's health, it is recommended that parents try to choose a single or chun-colored pram accessory. At the same time, the cloth covers can be disassemble, can replace the design better, so convenient to remove the replacement is more clean and hygienic.

5. The handlebars of the Stroller Accessories

Stroller Accessories have the most contact with parents. So generally choose the handlebar height should be suitable for parents to carry out the height of the baby stroller accessories, because of the home mom and dad, grandma and grandpa have different height, so choose a handlebar height adjustable stroller accessories is more appropriate. Some cars can push the switch, which is to let the baby face the parents to sit in the car, so that more parental interaction, is a good choice. The material that the car covers should choose wear-resisting, the comfortable material that absorb sweat is better, current market is more popular is the car of EVA bubble sets.

6. The system of car collecting for Stroller Accessories

The collection system of the Stroller Accessories, also known as the folding device, can fold the body to reduce the size of the vehicle when it is not used in the stroller. Collect system should not only consider the collect is simple, easy, more should pay attention to when using baby stroller accessories, safety lock, safety buckle folding system design, prevent accidental folding and baby stroller accessories to endanger the safety of your baby.

7. Seat belts for Stroller Accessories

The seat belt should include at least one belt and one hip. The minimum width of the belt and hip belt should be 20mm and the width of the shoulder strap should be 15mm.

8. Dinner plates for baby strollers

The plate is the part of the baby's arm and head that is directly exposed to the infant car parts. Therefore, the selection of the material and paint of the tray must be selected to meet the national security standards. This point average consumer detects to compare laborious, in "child cart safety requirement national standard" has made clear provision. Some big, well-known manufacturers can meet that standard. The selection of plastic rubber parts for children's pram fittings is in line with the national standard for safety requirements of children's carts.

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