How To Buy A Suitable Stroller Accessories For The Baby

- Jun 27, 2017-

How to buy a suitable Stroller Accessories for the baby
 Now on the market of baby car accessories more and more rich variety of products, styles are more and more fashionable. For the young father and mother, for the baby to buy a suitable cart, in addition to shape and color of the fashion degree, but also need to refer to many of the health of the baby scientific factors. Tongba carts experts tell you how to buy a suitable Stroller Accessories for the baby:
1. The appearance of the Stroller Accessories
The appearance here does not refer to the body color and style, but the body with the baby delicate skin may come into contact with the details. Parents are required to use visual inspection and hand touch method to check whether there are exposed openings in the area of the tube, whether there are cracks and sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs. Safe standards are hand touch after are smooth, not the diaphragm to the skin.
2. Brake system for Stroller Accessories
Brake system is related to the safety of baby carriages accessories, parents push the baby out of the time, fixed Stroller Accessories brake system is very important, you can ensure that the hands of the baby when the Stroller Accessories can be fixed in place. The standard is to press the brake, before and after the push Stroller Accessories, observe whether the brake will escape, slide. In addition the brakes should have bright colors (such as red) as a warning, so as to avoid an emergency when the wrong step.
3. Stroller Accessories basket
In order to facilitate travel and shopping, Stroller Accessories are generally equipped with a basket. The scientific design of the basket should be fixed in the lower position of the car, so as to ensure that the stare of baby carriages when the stuff is stable.
4. Stroller accessories
Although the Stroller Accessories cloth sets of materials are subject to strict quality testing, the indicators also meet national standards. But in fact, the more vivid colors, the more complex the color of the fabric, add the chemical composition is more than a single color fabric to more. So if out of the baby's health care, it is recommended that parents choose to use the cloth set of single or spring Stroller Accessories. At the same time, cloth sets for the removable washable, replaceable design better, so easy to wash and wash replacement is more clean and sanitary.
5. Baby car accessories handlebar
Stroller accessories handle and the parents of the contact is the most. So the general selection of the handlebar height should be suitable for parents to promote the height of baby carriages accessories, because the family's father and mother, grandparents tall, so choose a handle height adjustable Stroller Accessories more appropriate. Some handlebars can be pushed to change, that is, you can let the baby face the parents sitting in the car, so things more physical interaction, is a good choice. Handle the cover of the material to use wear-resistant, absorbent and comfortable material is better, the current market is more popular EVA foam handle sets.

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