How To Buy A Suitable Baby Changing Pad For Your Baby

- Oct 30, 2017-

How to buy a suitable Baby Changing Pad for your baby
Baby Changing Pad products on the market now more and more rich, more fashionable style. For the young father and mother, for the baby to buy a suitable cart, in addition to shape and color fashion degree, but also need to refer to many of the health of the baby scientific factors. Tongba trolley experts tell you how to buy a suitable baby Changing Pad for your baby:
1. The appearance of Baby Changing Pad
The appearance here does not refer to the body color and style, but the body with the baby delicate skin may come into contact with the details. Parents are required to use visual and hand touch method to check whether there is an exposed opening tube in the area, whether there are cracks and sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs. Safe standards are hand touch after are smooth, not the diaphragm to the skin.
2. Baby Changing Pad Brake System
Braking system is related to the safety of the Baby Changing Pad. When the baby is pushing the baby out, it is very important to fix the Baby Changing Pad's braking system to ensure that the Baby Changing Pad can be fixed in place when the parent is in the car. The standard is to press the brake, before and after the push Baby Changing Pad, observe whether the brake will escape, slide. In addition the brakes should have bright colors (such as red) as a warning, so as not to step into the emergency.
3. Baby Changing Pad's basket
For easy travel and shopping, the Baby Changing Pad is usually loaded with a basket. The scientific basket design should be fixed at the lower end of the car, so as to ensure that the focus of the Baby Changing Pad is stable.
4. Baby Changing Pad
Although now Baby Changing Pad cloth sets of materials are subject to strict quality testing, the indicators also meet national standards. But in fact, the more vivid colors, the more complex the color of the fabric, add the chemical composition is more than a single color fabric to more. So if out of the baby's health care, it is recommended that parents choose to use a single set of color or spring Baby Changing Pad. At the same time, cloth sets for the removable washable, replaceable design better, so easy to wash and wash replacement is more clean and sanitary.
5. Baby Changing Pad handlebar
Baby Changing Pad handlebar and parent contact is the most. So the general choice of the handlebar height should be suitable for parents to implement Baby Changing Pad height, because the family's parents, grandparents tall, so the choice of a height can be adjusted Baby Changing Pad more appropriate. Some handlebars can be pushed to change, that is, you can let the baby face the parents sitting in the car, so more things to parent-child interaction, is a good choice. Handle the cover of the material to choose wear-resistant, absorbent sweat more comfortable material, the current market is more popular EVA foam handlebar sets.
6. Baby Changing Pad
The Baby Changing Pad's collection system, also known as a folding device, is a device that allows the body to be folded up to reduce the floor area without the Baby Changing Pad. The collection system not only takes into account the ease of handling, but also the focus on the use of Baby Changing Pad, the folding system security lock, security button design to prevent the Baby Changing Pad accidental folding and endanger the baby's safety.
7. Baby Changing Pad harness
Seat belts include at least a set of belts and a crotch belt. Belt and the minimum width of the crotch belt should be 20 mm, the width of the shoulder strap should be a minimum of 15mm.
8. Baby Changing Pad's plate
The plate is part of the baby in the Baby Changing Pad arm and head will be in direct contact with the part, so the choice of plate materials and paint must be selected in line with national safety standards. This is the average consumer to check up more laborious, in the "children's cart safety requirements of national standards" in this made clear. Some large well-known manufacturers can do meet the standard. Baby Hyun's Baby Changing Pad plastic pieces are in line with the National Standard for Safety Requirements for Children's Trolley.
9. Baby Changing Pad's pocket
The pocket is part of the Baby Changing Pad that will be in direct contact with the baby's body. The choice of pocket pocket has a lot of stress, different age baby choose the function of the big difference between the pocket. 6 months following the baby travel when the demand is relatively large, the selection of the use of stretch can be used as a "small bed" design. But the Baby Changing Pad expert suggests that the Baby Changing Pad's flattening angle is 170 °, rather than 180 °, from the perspective of healthy baby's bones. Baby Changing Pad is now on the market can basically sit, lying, lying third gear adjustment, reducing the need for parents to buy a variety of models. But the market is relatively light umbrella car, because the general only sit function, it is only suitable for more than 1 year old baby use.

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