Good Guard For Mommy To Keep Baby Safe At Home

- Aug 05, 2017-

Being active is a natural way of having fun for kids. They have strong curiosity and do not know the dangerousness of the behaviour.The baby often tumbled to the ground and injured by desk, chair, or cupboard.

baby table corner cover

What can be done to address these problems? The parents should be do security work well to keep baby's safe.And table corner cover is a good guard for baby.

The table corner cover serves as a protecting layer at the corner of the table and can effectively reduce the pain to the body of baby when the baby collides on the corner of the desk. Ball shape and three pieces of 3M adhesive tape can perfectly fit the shape corner.Non toxic TPR transparent can also be used as a table,desk,chair,cupboard decoration.

baby table corner guard

How to use?There are four steps to follow.

Step 1: Clean table corner before sticking.

Step 2: Tear off three pieces of 3M adhesive tape.

Step 3: Put the corner guard on the corner of table.

Step 4: Press the corner cover with both hands, then finish.

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