Does The Height Of The Light Stroller Organizer Have Any Effect On The Baby?

- Aug 28, 2017-

Does the height of the light Stroller Organizer have any effect on the baby?
  Not long ago, Xiaobian walk on the road when I saw a scene like this: the road are flying cars, and these cars exhaust emissions are floating in the air, Xiao Bian walk in the road next to feel uncomfortable. At this time, Xiaobian see a mother, with a mask, pushing a light Stroller Organizer, which also sat a little baby. Mom pushed the Stroller Organizer to walk next to the road, watching the baby's appearance seems very uncomfortable look, but the mother indifferent.
  Xiao Bian see, feel very sad, because the baby's future is likely to be affected. And this effect is from the car exhaust emissions. As long as the mother to the baby to do a protective measure, or do not push the Stroller Organizer in the road next to go, that the impact of the baby may not be so big.
 This kind of thing in many places can often see, my mother pushed a light Stroller Organizer walk in the road next to the car exhaust and affect the baby's body, leading to the development of the baby after the problem.
  In fact, want to avoid this kind of thing, is a very easy thing, there are many ways. Or to buy a high-profile Stroller Organizer, this way with the baby next to the road when walking can prevent most of the pollution affect the baby's body, but when the stairs up and down will be very convenient, Unless there are some low-level or there is an elevator room; or not directly with the baby to go out, go out to go to some clean air; or else give the baby is equipped with a Cobei air purification Stroller Organizers, so mother Up and down the stairs when not too tired, even in the road next to the air or bad time, but also a good protection of the baby from the impact of air pollution.
Now most of the young father and mother will give their baby to buy a Stroller Organizer, so save a lot of effort, so that the baby will feel more comfortable than holding their own. But the young father and mother, you really know that the Stroller Organizer in the end should be how to use it correctly? Is it in the process of using, do you really notice the following situation? May you a negligence will bring you irreparable damage to the great spirit and trauma! Today to give you a summary of the use of Stroller Organizers in the accident causes! Let us come to avoid accidents!
One, free to leave the Stroller Organizer
Many parents often shopping while pushing the baby side of the shopping, a little careless release the Stroller Organizer, if the Stroller Organizer was pushed, was knocked over, or the baby climbed up and down the push Car organizers, or even strangers to take away ... ... are very dangerous! Bao mother who do not arbitrarily leave the Stroller Organizers, to always pay attention to the safety of the baby.
Second, even people with a car to move together
Parents along with the baby and Stroller Organizers together on the steps of the practice is very dangerous, and this behavior is not uncommon. If the folding device on the Stroller Organizer is sliding or malfunctioning, the baby is squeezed in the car, causing serious consequences of poor breathing, or even life-threatening.
Third, do not wear seat belts
Out of the house, inevitably encounter bumps on the road, left and right shake the situation there. If not fixed baby, it is easy to lead to spinal and physical injuries. In addition, if the naughty "Xiong Bao" in the Stroller Organizer on the jump up and down, there is a fall or lead to the danger of rollover!
Fourth, parking does not hit the brakes
All the danger occurs in the "careless", even if the temporary to stop, we must remember to brake on the brakes, because if you accidentally let go, it may lead to Stroller Organizers slide to the distant, dangerous.

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