Car Stroller Cup Holder Why Can Not Lie?

- Oct 18, 2017-

Car Stroller Cup Holder Why can not lie?
Many parents in the purchase of Stroller Cup Holder when there is such a question: why children Stroller Cup Holder can not lie? Baby so sitting inside sleep can be comfortable? In fact, engineers in the design of Stroller Cup Holder, it is because of these factors into account, will have such a product.
First, children Stroller Cup Holder can not lie down the reason
Child Stroller Cup Holder If completely flattened, when the vehicle collided, the impact will be the main impact on the child's head and neck, serious but also because of the bumps in the accident caused by suffocation, but reduced the safety. Therefore, the Stroller Cup Holder can not lie down mainly because of security considerations, upright or with a certain tilt angle, the entire back will be scattered children due to the impact of vehicle collision, more secure and reliable.
Second, the children Stroller Cup Holder can not lie down is comfortable
Many parents usually hold their children when they are not completely flat, but one hand high, low hand, and when the children learn to sit, but also requires them to have a correct posture. Stroller Cup Holder's design is based on the daily life of the child's most comfortable point of view to design, so comfort is also very secure. But rather in the case of lying down, because the driving process can cause children bumpy waist discomfort.
Three, children Stroller Cup Holder tilt how much appropriate
In general, the baby safety basket tilt angle will be larger, probably between 135-170 degrees, while the body weight greater than 13 kg of the baby, the general Stroller Cup Holder more comfortable angle of not more than 140 degrees. Many Stroller Cup Holder support multi-file angle adjustment, parents can choose according to their own baby a more suitable for his point of view.
In summary, in terms of safety or comfort, lying safety seats are not appropriate. For the safety of the baby, be sure to give him a reasonable design, quality qualified children Stroller Cup Holder.
When choosing the Stroller Cup Holder, it is recommended that you use the backstroke Stroller Cup Holder as much as possible until your baby is over one year old and weighs more than nine kilograms and can be assisted without further assistance if possible The time of use of the seat. In the use of the child when the weight exceeds the rear seat of the larger load, or the child's head beyond the seat along the back, you should use the forward seat. It should be noted that as long as the child's weight is still within the allowable range of the rear seat, even when lying in the seat when the knee part of a slight bend will not have a great impact on the seat of the ride effect.
Experts recommend that you do not buy second-hand Stroller Cup Holder, because it is difficult for us to understand the use of these seats in the background, if some of these components (including the use of manual) has been lost, damaged, or has been recalled, then use this seat Will be very dangerous. Due to plastic aging, or long-term pressure generated by the cracks, and even the collision occurred, may make the second-hand seat there are hidden trouble, resulting in traffic accidents can not play its protective role. The service life of the Stroller Cup Holder is generally ten years, and the seat over the useful life should not be used in any way. Use a seat for more than five years to carefully check for it.

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