Car Accessories Detection Of Auto Parts

- May 25, 2017-

 Car Accessories Detection of auto parts Auto parts inspection is an important process in the process of overhauling, it will directly affect the car repair basin and repair costs. Auto parts through the test, can be divided into available, to be repaired and scrapped three categories.

  Automobile inspection of the available parts is the size and shape of the blue error are in line with overhaul technical standards, can continue to use; to be repaired and scrap parts that do not meet the technical standards of overhaul parts. If the part has been unable to repair or repair costs do not meet the economic requirements, this part can be scrapped. If through the repair, can make parts meet the overhaul technical standards, to ensure the service life, the economy is also cost-effective, this part can be used as repair parts.

  Parts inspection work must strictly grasp the technical standards of repair, the correct distinction between available, to be repaired and scrapped parts, to ensure the quality of repair and better economic benefits under the premise of comprehensive consideration. There are repair value of the parts, but also with the conditions of repair equipment, should strive to repair use. If the parts can not repair repair quality requirements or repair costs are too high should not be repaired should be scrapped

  Car Accessories Parts of the surface inspection of the auto parts due to work wear to make the size and geometry changes, when the wear and tear beyond a certain limit and continue to use, will cause a significant deterioration in machine performance. In the car repair process, should be strictly in accordance with the standard car repair technology.

  In the car repair process, for important parts need to test its crack situation, if not found in time, may cause parts break, causing serious accidents.

  Check the test parts crack methods are: magnetic flaw detection, fluorescence detection and aerosol detection methods. Water-cooled cylinder block, cylinder head and other casting parts, commonly used hydraulic test method found cracks. For some of the shaft parts of the surface of the hidden cracks can also be used to find oil crack oil knock method.

  Magnetic flaw detection. Magnetic flaw detection method has the advantages of simple equipment, accurate and rapid measurement, and is widely used in auto repair enterprises.

  Car Accessories The principle of magnetic flaw detection is that the part is magnetized when the magnetic field passes through the part being tested. If there is a crack on the surface of the part, the magnetic field lines in the crack will be interrupted by the crack and the magnetic field lines are scattered to form the magnetic poles. At this point, in the part of the surface of the withdrawal of magnetic iron powder or iron powder, iron powder will be magnetized and adsorbed at the crack, which shows the location and size of the crack. When the direction of the crack and the direction of the magnetic field parallel, the crack cut off the number of magnetic lines, cracks on both sides of the magnetic pole does not occur, can not absorb iron powder. Therefore, the use of magnetic flaw detection, the crack must be perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field. Therefore, in the inspection, to estimate the possible location and direction of the crack, and the use of different magnetization method: transverse cracks to make parts longitudinal magnetization, longitudinal cracks to make parts transverse magnetization (or ring magnetization).

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