Car Accessories Also Have Fake

- Aug 07, 2017-

Car Accessories also have fake
Yes, Car Accessories are "fake"! The The And very flood, even my twenty years old driver of the father, have been pitched many times. This is not a few days ago I bought a wheel and was pit, angry ah, the money is small, can be so important parts, security risks are very serious ah. These profiteers really earn money. Today, I asked his friends to go to his iron buddy, more than ten years old repair master, give us universal under the eleven kinds of fake the most flood of Car Accessories, really eye-opener, to share with you, I hope you can not be pit The!
1, hub
Test the authenticity of the wheel, not only look at the appearance, see identity cards, but also depends on body weight! Process and cost is to expose the two hubs of the false wheels, due to the false wheels of their own process is irregular, coupled with cost savings reasons, and the real hub of the weight will be some differences. Face and body incongruous, looks strange, with more dangerous.
2, brake pads
Identify the car's most important safety accessories Brake film true and false methods have three points, one: see the thickness of a new brake pad thickness is generally around 1.5cm, with the use of continuous friction will gradually thinning. 2: listen to the sound, if the light brake at the same time accompanied by "iron rub iron," the slightest sound (there may be brake pads in the beginning of the installation of the role of running), this time the brake pads must be replaced immediately. Three: feel the intensity, if the brake is very difficult, it is possible that the basic friction has been lost friction, and this time must be replaced, otherwise it will lead to serious accidents.
3, air filter
Car Accessories air filter is used to remove impurities in the air particles, but false air filter not only did not filter effect, but will make the air more harmful substances.
Discrimination method: mainly to see the gap between the filter and the border. Vacuum filter is generally covered with plastic cover, false air filter directly with glue fixed.
4, glass of water
The so-called glass water is the Car Accessories windshield cleaning fluid commonly known. Belong to the consumables used in the car. High-quality car windshield water is mainly composed of water, alcohol, ethylene glycol, corrosion inhibitor and a variety of surfactants.
From scratch is not clean to judge its true and false. Friends of the north can be concerned about whether there is ice in the winter, you can also smell the smell through the color to distinguish between true and false.
5, antifreeze
Car Accessories antifreeze full name should be called antifreeze coolant, which means antifreeze function of the coolant. Antifreeze can prevent the coolant from freezing during the cold winter and burst the radiator and freeze the engine cylinder block or cover. Many people think that antifreeze is only used in winter, but we have to correct this misunderstanding, in fact, antifreeze is not only used in winter, it should be used throughout the year.
Antifreeze generally have color, the deeper the color, the stronger the antifreeze ability. So, some black heart shopkeepers in the sale of poor quality antifreeze to add some pigment. Family workshop production of false antifreeze has a pungent smell, people will smell dizziness, tears and other reactions, and one day will be able to volatil nearly half. Consumers in the car for antifreeze, be sure to check the packaging on the factory name, site, telephone, production date. Regular product markings complete, writing clear, shoddy product writing fuzzy easy to erase.
6, car film
Car Accessories of the car film, brand genuine film feels smooth and smooth, toughness, not easy to wrinkle; and regardless of the color depth, perspective performance are good, to ensure that the line of sight in the rain is also very good, sprinkle water on the film, if out To see the feeling of misty, then it is most likely fake and shoddy products; another poor quality film layer of residual solvent benzene content is high, smell.

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