Buy Baby Stroller Hook Ten Elements Are What

- Sep 18, 2017-

Buy baby Stroller Hook ten elements are what
  What are the elements of each of the infant Stroller Hook, and what are the elements of each element, parents are clear? Today, the baby Stroller Hook manufacturers give you about the main elements of the ten points, the following we all together to learn under:
  First, the depth of the baby Stroller Hook between the pocket and the handrail should not be too shallow to prevent the treasure in the car when turning or twisting the center of gravity shift, the formation of rollover. Car mat depression should be less than 5 cm, to prevent excessive depression affect the treasure of the spine and bone growth and development.
  Second, to carefully observe the baby Stroller Hook putter and adjust the rod and other primary parts, usually the diameter should be about 1-1.2 cm. If the diameter is only 0.6 cm, there may be cut corners of the imitation of the finished product, this Stroller Hook in the case of emergency is simply broken, and then the danger.
  Third, the infant Stroller Hook's active joints must be very active, is the first point of safety. In order for the Stroller Hook to be easily preserved or transported, it is usually planned to have active joints with definite function. If the activities of the joints are not active, when the baby is still inside the Stroller Hook, the frame may be due to the failure of the activities of the joints and suddenly issued a discount, resulting in the baby's body was caught by the body, forming a considerable injury.
  Fourth, many mom and dad in the procurement expectations Stroller Hook has a variety of additional features, feel so good value for money, but this shopping concept is not appropriate. As the goods together with the assembly or share more, perhaps the proportion of doubt will be added, in particular, will drop the safety of a single use of the situation. Therefore, the purchase of a variety of functions with the goods, we must think about is not in line with safety regulations, we must be stable.
  Fifth, because the pure fiber fabric on the baby's skin is harmful, so the real baby Stroller Hook fabric should be finished polyester or cotton products. So that the color fastness of cloth is often through the test, even if the treasure wear light clothes or pee in the car, do not worry about their clothes will be infected with other colors. If the white cloth in the Stroller Hook fabric on the conflict, that white cloth has been infected with a certain color, it may be poor quality imitation of the finished product.
  Sixth, do not have sharp sharp edges, sharp corners, protrusions, rivets and simple drop of small parts. In addition, the limbs can touch the gap is usually greater than 12 mm or less than 5 mm, will not let the treasure of the limbs hurt. Stroller Hook putter, armrest should be sprayed anti-corrosion maintenance layer, to prevent heavy metal elements on the health of the formation of damage. But also depends on the quality of plastic parts, select the plastic strong resistance, bright colors pure, good gloss products.
  Seventh, in the purchase of baby Stroller Hook, first of all to check the goods of the certificate, quality assurance, warranty card, the use of instructions and other documents is not complete, with or without anti-counterfeit symbols. It is best to standardize shopping malls. If the parents still have doubts about the goods, may ask the manufacturer to supply the goods inspection organization's address in order to obtain the relevant test confirmed.
  Eighth, to have a shock structure, can absorb the uneven road to bring the sensation, to the treasure of the head and the body with the maximum limit of maintenance. No matter what the angle, can make the baby's neck in the most comfortable situation, to prevent damage to the brain and cervical spine. With the angle of change, can make the baby's waist and no space between the seats, back stretch, do not oppress the abdomen, is conducive to the development of normal organs of the baby to prevent the onset of indigestion.
  Ninth, should check the Stroller Hook open is not convenient, casters scrolling is not sensitive, the casters are best in more than 5. The brakes are one of the essential safety devices for the baby Stroller Hook, and the mum is not always at the moment when the car is stopped. If you stop at the slope of the terrain, Mommy can not grasp the frame, the car will slip at any time and overturned dumping, the formation of a great danger to the treasures. In addition, the baby with the folding function of the Stroller Hook should be set to lock the safety equipment to prevent the Stroller Hook from accidentally folding in the use of the formation of the treasures.
  Tenth, buy baby Stroller Hook to think about the age of the treasure. 8 months for the use of "small bed" Stroller Hook, that can be folded, open as a baby cot, with the kind of sunshade. 1 year old should be selected both sleep and can sit dual-use Stroller Hook. There should be a roof on the top of the car to prevent dust and direct sunlight. 1-3 years old should be selected to sit the main Stroller Hook, outside the park and walk, you can sit and can push the car to learn to walk. At home is still learning to eat tables and chairs.

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