Buy Baby Safety Lock Need To Pay Attention To A Few Things

- Oct 30, 2017-

Buy Baby Safety Lock need to pay attention to a few things
First, the safety list
(1) safe and reasonable layout: fence high 65-70CM, the spacing between the barriers is 5.5CM;
(2) raw material safety: load-bearing parts can not use wood with wood, or prone to cracking. Raw materials to New Zealand pine for the best, birch, teak, ash, linden wood is also a good selection.
(3) Baby Safety Lock at the end of the safe and secure: the British Baby Safety Lock on the bottom of the composition of the plate, suspended in the Baby Safety Lock body inside the Baby Safety Lock is very risky. Europe and the United States Baby Safety Lock more use of iron Baby Safety Lock bottom and solid wood Baby Safety Lock at the end of the Baby Safety Lock and Baby Safety Lock body between the planning and use of convergence hardware has a severe demand, usually selected Embedded or hanging connection, wood and metal Baby Safety Lock at the end of the selection of anti-skid screws.
(4) paint environmental safety: first smell, followed by look at the ingredients, Baby Safety Lock paint does not contain heavy metals and formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients. Colorful paint of the Baby Safety Lock on the child's visual development is excellent, but the coating is thick, covering the original face of the wood, and wood raw materials is not safe to the baby is very important. If you choose not to paint the Baby Safety Lock, advocated in the use of a period of time after the natural wood oil to prevent the wood moisture deformation.
(5) the safety of accessories: the side of the fence to open the accessories are: rotary, pull-type, slide-type, parts of the raw materials to determine the life of the fence. Pullover raw materials are usually plastic or recycled plastic, engineering plastics, nylon, iron, stainless steel and so on. Nylon raw materials and stainless steel raw materials contrast, offer a higher number, but the use of life is relatively long. The wheeled Baby Safety Lock is easy to use, but it is important to note that the wheels are not equipped with safety brakes and the brakes are not strong.
Second, the second function
Extended function: If you want to choose a child to meet the needs of children at all times the needs of children Baby Safety Lock, then the demand for conditioning elongation. Domestic production of Baby Safety Lock is about 120CM, can be used to 3 years old. The scale is reasonable, the use of the moment is longer.
Shaking function: There is a big controversy over the layout of the baby's head and the Baby Safety Lock is not yet safe yet to be discussed.
Baby Safety Lock bit of the conditioning: to select the 2-4 file conditioning, can be used to the needs of different age groups of babies.
Side of the side of the fence unilateral lower control: to reduce the risk of accidental release of the baby.
Advice selection of simple function, reasonable scale, the layout of the strong Baby Safety Lock.
Third, Baby Safety Lock device
Note that the connection between the Baby Safety Lock board is not tight, the exact hole makes the Baby Safety Lock easier to install, the use of more convenient operation, more performance of a Baby Safety Lock work is not sophisticated.
Fourth, the selection of mats
Too soft or too strong mats are not conducive to the growth of the bones of the treasure, according to the weight of the treasure to choose the appropriate hardness, the best players feel flexible, good support for the quality of the mat. Such as natural coconut palm plus natural latex mats, elastic support force moderate, breathable, insect-resistant, anti-mite, mildew. But the sale of coconut palm mats on the market are also useful chemical composition, not suitable for infant use. There is no gap between the mat and the Baby Safety Lock. If there is, it means that the mat is too small and should be replaced to prevent the treasure from stuck inside the finger. The thickness of the mat is usually appropriate in 5-10CM, the maximum thickness of not more than 13CM.

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