Baby Safety Lock Should Be Forced To Use

- Oct 18, 2017-

Baby Safety Lock should be forced to use
AQSIQ recently announced that since September 1, the safety seat products will be mandatory 3 C certification, parents choose Baby Safety Lock will have the appropriate standards.
Baby Safety Lock is a specially designed for children, installed in the car, can effectively improve the safety of children's seats. However, although most parents think that children sitting on the Baby Safety Lock is the safest way to ride, but the domestic city of Baby Safety Lock ownership and utilization are very low.
Parents believe that Baby Safety Lock is very important, but at the same time that adults holding the child sitting in the back is also safe, there is no need to spend money to install security seats. There are also parents that Baby Safety Lock can not "a tube in the end", from the children 0 years old to 12 years old, to buy 3 to 4, add up to twenty thousand yuan, feeling too waste.
Baby Safety Lock "applaud" no "call" is worrying. Many parents can install Baby Safety Lock, but they are less likely to use when traveling with their children. AQSIQ released the "Chinese urban residents use Baby Safety Lock status survey results" shows that the use of Baby Safety Lock family ratio of 19.7%, and Europe and the United States more than 90% of the developed countries far from the use rate. In all child traffic accidents, more than three quarters of the children were injured on the road.
In Europe and the United States developed countries, forced the use of Baby Safety Lock legislation has long been legislation. In my country, there are only a few areas in Shanghai, Shandong, Shenzhen and other areas to develop the Baby Safety Lock mandatory provisions, there is no mandatory use of Baby Safety Lock national regulations. The lack of legislation in the country's Baby Safety Lock is the main reason for the low rate of configuration and utilization of the Baby Safety Lock. Only the hardware and facilities safe and reliable, children's safety awareness within the heart, outside the line, children's safety can be guaranteed.
Baby Safety Lock is a specially designed for children of different weight (or age), installed in the car, can effectively improve the safety of children's seats. European Mandatory Implementation Criteria ecer44 / 04 (Netherlands) is defined as a child safety protection system that can be secured to a motor vehicle with a seat belt assembly or a flexible component, an adjustment mechanism, an accessory, etc. with an isofix interface. In the case of a car crash or a sudden slowdown, can reduce the pressure on children and limit the movement of children to reduce their harm.
Why it is not safe to hold a child while driving
Contrary to most people, the parents' knees are actually the most dangerous places for children to ride. In the event of an accident, you are likely to hold on to the child. Even if you cling to, when you hit the dashboard and windshield, your body will squeeze the child. When the speed reaches 50km / h (the city's ordinary speed), a weight of 40kg of children is equivalent to 1 ton of moving objects. And the child in the high-speed impact generated by the equivalent of an elephant's weight. At this time to cling to the child, the equivalent of hand to save an adult from the four floors of the fall!
The child's head is very heavy and the cervical spine is very fragile. When the child is in the accident, it may be caught between the adult and the car dashboard, is thrown out of the car, or the airbag that has been burst hit the head. All in all, the chance of a child in a car accident is greater than that of an adult.
General car seats and seat belts are designed specifically for adults, when the body and adults vary greatly in the use of ordinary harness, is the slightest protection, even in the event of a car accident, but also because of this reason Causing the child's deadly waist crush and neck, cheeks and other injuries.
The main component of the Baby Safety Lock depends on the piece of plastic on the back of the seat (back plastic). In the back of the plastic mold processing process, there are two processes: injection and blow molding. Blowing is the extrusion of molten plastic blank, placed in the mold, with compressed air inflation and affixed to the cavity wall, the cooling hardened into plastic parts. Injection molding is the use of the screw or plunger of the injection tube to the tube of the melt, through the injection nozzle, mold pouring system, into the cavity and curing molding. So the injection molding mold pressure and toughness better.

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