Baby Paper Must Have A Good Choice

- Oct 26, 2016-

1) baby nails knife 2) cotton, and cotton balls: clean wax, and navel, parts 3) electronic temperature meter: displayed temperature fast, security accurate 4) baby comb brush group: massage head and feet end of 5) fever posted, and nasal throat pass cool posted: for baby of suddenly fever do prepared 6) sucking nasal device, and small tweezers: clear baby nose, and nasal scale 7) baby feed drug device: to baby feed drug of good helper. 8) baby items: towels relatively soft, suitable for baby and after cleaning. 9) non-slip baby socks: using a special process in the soles of rubber Glue 1.1, baby walk on a skid. 10) baby potty: a baby potty deodorant anti-fouling coating, simply wash with water after the baby. Because of the lightweight and convenient, the stability is good, baby sitting will not be knocked over, particularly suitable for use in bed at night.

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