Baby Changing Pad Five Steps Easily For Baby Changing Mats

- May 25, 2017-

Five steps easily for baby changing mats

  Baby Changing Pad Baby is born, whether it is the use of diapers or diapers, the basic method of replacement or a little difference. Parents must master the correct way to change the diaper, steps, so that the baby can be comfortable and healthy growth. Today's traditional cloth diaper has been less popular.

  Baby Changing Pad Now the cloth diaper are all one of the installed, and used to facilitate a lot, and disposable diapers convenient degree. Although a lot of cloth diaper can also be a one-time use, but parents need to add a baby for the leakage of urine pad.

  The right step for the baby to change diapers -

  Step 1: first some diaper, rag and other items you need out, do not change to think of half to find.

  Step 2: Put the baby upside down Many people are dedicated to leaving a place to change diapers for babies. Be sure to pay attention to the baby in the process of changing the diaper, do not put the baby alone on the side. Also, the old diaper untied, but do not take it out so fast. Because if you take it out immediately, then the baby will feel cool and tamper with.

  Step 3: Raise the baby's knee, gently lift the baby's hips, and then use the rag to wash the buttocks. If the baby is too large, then you can use the original part of the old diaper in the baby to remove some of the liquid discharge. When the baby has been wiped, put the dirty diaper aside.

  Step 4: clean the baby's little ass, the new diaper pad in the baby's buttocks, and tied the tape. If your baby is still very small, then you may need to fold some of the diaper, make some space. The diaper bag tightly, so nothing to do. If you pack too loose, you can imagine the last "mess".

  Step 5: After changing the baby's diaper, use the bandage on the diaper to bind the dirty old diaper and make it into a spherical shape. Put these old diaper into trash cans or diaper tubes. You can put a bucket of clean water into the diaper near the place, so you can easily clean your hand.

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