About The Errors That Come With The Stroller Accessories

- Sep 18, 2017-

About the errors that come with the Stroller Accessories
Buy Stroller Accessories, we must first understand the existence of the next Stroller Accessories misunderstanding, so as not to parents in the selection of the errors, we may think that they feel good Stroller Accessories is suitable for the baby, Stroller Accessories light, easier Folding or easier to hand and the like, this idea in the end is right or wrong, the following we come to see, Stroller Accessories there are those misunderstandings it:
First, not the more light the better, because easy to carry
Stroller Accessories need to reduce the need to reduce the material, such as aluminum alloy thickness, support rod reduction, the other is the Stroller Accessories to do small, the plastic pieces are small, these factors are related to Stroller Accessories firmness and comfort, parents in Buy Stroller Accessories when you can not because of their own convenience and ignore the baby's safety and comfort.
Second, not the one-seat cockpit design easy to do, baby's health, comfort is the first
From the current Stroller Accessories market, the price of the Stroller Accessories is generally more expensive than the integrated Stroller Accessories, because the split-type basket design is fully compliant with the European standard, the European standard products on the baby's health and comfort is extremely demanding; Style design is the pursuit of parents travel convenience and ignore the baby's comfort.
Third, not the more spacious and better Stroller Accessories, SUV large space seat is not suitable for small baby
The baby in the ride back and forth during the ride can easily lead to the head of the Stroller Accessories met the metal parts, the other 7 months of the baby when sitting in the waist and neck can not support the head, if the space is too large, the baby for a long time In a tilted state is not conducive to the normal development of bone. Seat compact is the best choice.
Fourth, not the more soft the more comfortable, the most comfortable space inside the baby spine development
Baby's bones in the rapid development period, too soft space is not conducive to the baby's bones; in fact, adults are the same, long-term sleep too soft bed susceptible to spine disease; so the baby is also so small moderate soft is the best.
Fifth, do not use second-hand Stroller Accessories
Used Stroller Accessories Because of the many joints and rivets are likely to break the phenomenon, so the security is very low, and second-hand Stroller Accessories on a lot of bacteria and mites, is not conducive to the health of the baby.
Sixth, do not think Stroller Accessories what material does not matter, the baby is to use the mouth to identify the world
Front armrests, awning and other babies are very easy to access to the local material is very important, because the baby naughty will mouth bite, but also drooling, choking the milk, not timely cleaning people easy to breed bacteria. Handle with foam material feel comfortable and comfortable, anti-mite antibacterial, easy to install, disassemble, easy to clean.
Seventh, not the most expensive price is the best
The world's 96% of the Stroller Accessories are produced in China, many international brands that products are imported, in fact, the production base or in China, a lot of 8 thousand, more than 10,000 high-priced Stroller Accessories is not necessarily practical, Buy for their own is the best.
Eighth, the same car is not the cheaper the better
Stroller Accessories as we open the car, it will inevitably be a small problem, accessories need to change, once the emergence of such a small business as a result of the supply of goods from a few links, so no way to protect the sale, a Stroller Accessories may be because of a small screw instead of the stomach. Even when there is a problem, some customers will be used together, so continue to use the baby is very safe. So before buying must take into account the after-sales service protection and improvement.

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