About The Choice Of Stroller Cup Holder Cockpit Size

- Oct 30, 2017-

About the choice of Stroller Cup Holder cockpit size
Ching Ming Valley rain season, giving the impression that the spring is bright, the earth a green sensual, thriving, everything is refreshing. Walking in the park, the trail on the crowd is also more and more up. In the meantime, the unique shape, colorful Stroller Cup Holder, carrying the hope of roaming in the spring, the baby's cry and cry, surrounded by their loved ones also follow one after another, have to say that this is a unique landscape.
As a manufacturer of years of Stroller Cup Holder, I can not help but be obsessed with this beauty. We are also enjoying the convenience of science and technology while we are enjoying the grace of nature. I do not know if you noticed, whether it is nowadays popular gorgeous high landscape Stroller Cup Holder, or light and convenient practical umbrella car, or the public's traditional low Stroller Cup Holder. Most of the cockpits are equipped with large and large. I wonder if you ever thought about this reason?
Wide and large, is the desire of many Chinese people. Once upon a time, rented in a small room how much I desire to have a large house of their own, in any case have to leave a spacious and comfortable living space for the next generation, and one of my tireless goals! Believe that this kind of psychology is prevalent in the hearts of parents in China. Stroller Cup Holder as a newborn baby one of the necessary living tools, it is difficult to avoid full of pro-deep love. Therefore, for the baby with the Stroller Cup Holder, many parents will be inertia of the pursuit of spacious space, that only the baby is the most comfortable and most happy. The manufacturers have to seize this kind of public psychology, to vote for its good launch of the large cockpit models, in line with the public psychology at the same time, a steady stream of interest also rolled over.
However, the large cockpit Stroller Cup Holder must be good? Standing in the baby's safety point of view, this view is correct or not worthwhile. With the baby to go out, in fact, security must be the first, followed by comfort, and then entertainment and so on to be considered, where I will be on the security for everyone to explain their parents to go out with the baby should pay attention to matters:
First, the correct use of cockpit belts
When the Stroller Cup Holder cockpit is large, be sure to wear a seat belt for your baby. After fastening your seat belt, you can use your fingers to measure whether the seat belt is too tight or too loose. You can put two fingers (about 25mm Gap) is appropriate The cockpit of the large cockpit Stroller Cup Holder in front of the foot opening will be relatively large, if the opening is greater than the child's trunk, then the proper use of the seat belt, it is very easy to cause the child out of the hand Stroller Cup Holder, causing the card, Or the risk of falling;
Second, the cockpit left and right side of the anti-collision settings
When the cockpit is large, the baby in it will be far from the fence on both sides of the frame, it is recommended that the Stroller Cup Holder on both sides of the original protection based on the addition of some cotton pad or similar device. Otherwise, when through the "slowdown, blind, on the downhill" and so easy to produce the body bumpy position is very easy to cause the baby side of the kinetic energy produced by too much to hurt the baby;
Third, the baby sitting on the card fixed position
For the baby will climb will go, try not to let him lie down, and should let the baby firmly in the car, his legs on the car under the pedal, so safe, so that the baby's soft body development Bring influence or injury;
See here we should understand, in fact, blind pursuit of Stroller Cup Holder cockpit spacious is not necessarily the most appropriate. Parents in the purchase of Stroller Cup Holder before, should be based on the baby's body, gender and other aspects of the parameters to choose a match with the most appropriate models. This way, in the baby to obtain the maximum security at the same time to ensure its comfort and reasonable growth and development. Hope this article for the majority of parents to buy and use Stroller Cup Holder bring some help, as the manufacturer of Stroller Cup Holder I and our colleagues, will silently with love, intentions, love for our baby We create high quality, safe and comfortable baby products.

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