Stroller Accessories Purchase Guide

- Jun 12, 2017-

Stroller Accessories purchase guide
Stroller Accessories products are related to children's safety products, and now China's relevant departments have promulgated the "National Toy Safety Technical Standards" standards, and introduced a mandatory product certification toy products, the greatest possible protection of children's life and health, maintenance of consumption The interests of the people. The concept of toy safety is that children are protected from normal use or foreseeable reasonable misuse to avoid harm to children due to certain defects of the toy itself, which may come from design, manufacturing processes or manufacturing materials.

Check the key components in accordance with the relevant specifications, involving the safety of baby carriage accessories products include children's bicycles, children tricycles, children's carts, baby walkers, toy bikes, electric baby carriage accessories and other toy vehicles. Some of these vehicles are mainly pushed by adults, such as baby carriages. Some mainly by the children themselves, such as children's bicycles, tricycles and so on. These vehicles not only with some small parts, but also such as folding handrails, conveyor belts and other functional components, these parts once the quality problems or failure, not only will affect the use of vehicles, serious also on the child's personal safety Threaten. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of baby carriages accessories toys should pay special attention to the following key components for inspection.

Folding mechanism. Toys, four-wheeled cottages, toy cradles and similar toys with handles or other folding mechanism parts, and if the handle or other structural part may be folded and pressed against the child, there shall be at least one major locking device And a sub-locking device, the two devices should act directly on the folding mechanism; when the toy car is installed, at least one of the locking devices should be able to automatically lock. At the time of purchase, the consumer not only checks whether there are enough devices, but also carefully examines their quality. Once the child's cart has occurred in the hand of the hand of the child's hand was caught the accident occurred.

Transmission chain or belt. Ride the toy car's drive chain or belt, should be added to protect the cover so that it can not be touched, if you do not use the tool cover should not be able to remove, such as bicycle roulette, chain and so on. Reporters often in some small commodity market to see completely do not meet this requirement of children's bicycles, children happy, curious, once the hand into the rotation of the wheel in the consequences can not imagine.

Other drive mechanism. The spring-driven, battery-driven, inertial drive or other power drive mechanism of the toy should be closed and should not be exposed to sharp edges, sharp edges or other dangerous parts that crush your fingers or other parts of the body.

Brake device. Free wheel mechanical or electric ride toys should have a brake device, usually in the brake test, start the brake device to move the distance of the toy should not be greater than 5 cm; greater than or equal to 30 kg of riding toys, should have the system Dynamic locking device.

Electric baby carriage accessories in the case of not tilting, relax the switch, the power supply should be automatically disconnected, the use of brake when the power should be automatically cut off. Reporters have seen a relaxed power supply, but also out of 1 meter long distance electric baby carriage accessories. Such a car in the actual use in the event of downhill, steps and other sections are prone to accidents.

In addition, there are several issues to note, first, in the purchase of toy bicycles, should pay attention to check the maximum height of the saddle marked, the bicycle should be marked on the saddle tube minimum insert the depth of the permanent signs , The minimum insertion mark is located at a distance of 2.5 times the diameter of the saddle tube from the insertion end (effective part) of the saddle tube. Second, the maximum speed of electric baby carriage accessories should not exceed 8 km / h. At the same time, according to the need to purchase baby carriage accessories at the same time, buy the appropriate protective gear, such as protective helmets and so on.

In addition, the purchase of baby carriages accessories should also pay attention to view the age group logo, according to the age of the child to buy the appropriate product, in fact, this principle applies to the purchase of any children's toys.

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