The Developing Trend Of Stroller Organizer In China

- Jun 12, 2017-

The Developing Trend of Stroller Organizer in China
Cart Stroller Organizer is a promising industry, the development potential is huge. From the market development and the domestic environment, far Zhuo brand agency that the next few years cartoon Stroller Organizer presents the following four development trends.
 First, the market capacity is increasing. With China's rapid economic development, people's living standards increased year by year. Assuming a family is born with a little baby, the family will do its utmost to provide the best material conditions for the baby, as allowed by economic conditions. According to the data show that China's 0 to 6-year-old infants and young children to 108 million, with an average cost of 5,000 yuan per child budget estimates, the market's vision capacity will be 500 billion yuan. Cart organizers are the most typical and popular product of baby products, so cart organizers have a very large market. Cart Stroller Organizer is the most promising investment in the sunrise industry, the next three to five years the industry will become China's most dazzling industry.
Second, brand survival is unstoppable From a few years ago, the cart maker price war in full swing, some small businesses finally unable to parry, in the brutal price war down, closed, closed, or merged and disappeared in the market, the survival of the fittest speed is accelerating. But because of consumer demand offset and cart organizers in the design and work on the Datong, the original "price war" has slowly to the "value war" tilt, "brand marketing" gradually replace the "price marketing" to become a business to open the market The new strategy. The future of the cart organizer market, the brand is the benefit. Consumer awareness of the brand, satisfaction and loyalty will determine the competitiveness of enterprises in the market. The brand is more and more attention by the cart organizer, then how can the cart organizer make it possible for consumers to choose themselves from the many cart organizers' brands, which is the primary consideration for the cart organizer. In other words, brand survival has become an unstoppable trend in the development of carts.
Third, the professional brand operation bear the brunt of China's cart organizers industry, many companies have slowly grown into a strong strength of large enterprises, they also recognized the importance of branding, but they have no way to think, do not know how to do the brand, so the cart Stroller Organizer The leader brand has never been established. Mature industry has often formed a leading brand of the community, and the development of less mature industry, often only one or two leaders in the silent work, and even did not appear leader brand. Such as the development has been quite mature home appliance industry has emerged in Haier, the United States, Changhong, TCL and other leaders of the brand, and the cart Stroller Organizer in addition to the good boy this very strong brand, still can not find the second can be all over the country , Scold surprised the situation leading brand. This is obviously not stable enough.

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