How To Choose Stroller Cup Holder

- Jun 12, 2017-

How to choose Stroller Cup Holder
1, after the birth of the baby, should be based on different age stages for the baby to choose a different stroller cup seat, within 6 months of the baby can not sit firmly, should choose a car, can not lie down the portable stroller cup to More than 7 months of the baby to use more appropriate; less than 1 year old baby activity, should choose to sleep and can not lie to the baby carriage cup; 1-3 years old baby activity increased, you should choose to paternity The main car.

2, select the baby cup holder, be sure to check the car is easy to open, seat belts, locking and safety devices meet the standards. Chest pocket to deep, if too shallow, the baby in turning over or twisting when easy to roll.

3, baby carriage cup skeleton is usually designed to lock the activities of the joints, in order to facilitate collection or delivery, so the selection must check whether the car's convergence is safe; otherwise, when the baby sitting in the car, the frame of the activities of joint failure And suddenly folded, the body will pinch the baby.

4, Childs Cup cup of the wheel should be larger and not easy to slip, and some baby carriage cup wheel and shock function.

5, the brakes are good, so that when the accident occurred in time to stop the car.

6, in addition to the purchase of the car in addition to look at the style and color, but also a closer look at the surface of the frame there is no paint off, scratches or other defects, the body structure of the joints and screws are reliable, and the flexibility and effectiveness of the device Sex. Check whether the body has holes to avoid the baby into the fingers to get hurt.

Before using the stroller cup, be sure to read the instructions carefully, especially the "precautions", according to the instructions to install the car, and on-site operation, if you do not understand the place, be sure to ask clearly. Every time you go out, be sure to check the car performance is good, even if only a short time out. Open or close the baby carriage cup, do not let the baby close, the general stroller cup in front of the guardrail can be demolished, the baby into the stroller cup seat, you can remove the barrier, to the baby to find a comfortable posture and then the barrier on.

General stroller cup holder has a canopy, you can block the sun, sit and use stroller cup holder can also adjust the angle of the canopy. Baby's eyes are very delicate, so it is best not to let the light to the baby's eyes. Many car roof has a transparent skylight, parents can see through the skylight of the baby every move, we must always pay attention to the baby's move, because I do not know when the baby will happen. With the baby to go out when you have to prepare a blanket or a small quilt, if the weather turns cold, you can cover the baby.

Baby can not be quiet moment, he likes to touch in the car to touch, but also like dancing in the car, so parents must give the baby a good seat belt, can not let the baby stand up from the car. So that the car turned over to hurt the baby. And do not let the baby stay alone in the stroller cup seat, even a short time to leave. If you have to leave, it is best to bring your baby. Need to stay, be sure to fix the wheel, to determine the car will not move. Baby to stay in the stroller cup seat time not too long, generally controlled within 2 hours, the time is too long, the baby will feel tired, should let the baby out stretch.

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