Kids use the retaining cord posted useful

- Oct 26, 2016-

1, when the cord falls off. Umbilical cord disinfection nursing is very important, the light can cause the Omphalitis, directly leading to death. Can use the retaining cord attached to care, so as not to cord separation caused by disease. 2, used when vaccination. Baby need to be shot, if the wound from water, infection can occur. Retaining cord to waterproof stickers. 3, when swimming use. Babies swimming training intelligence, and navel to protect the baby from infection, you can use baby retaining cord attached. 4, and cold. Use the retaining cord attached to the baby against the cold in winter. Retaining cord attached may be able to effectively block virus attacks. 5, when the bandage used. Naughty baby will often fall, mothers use band-aid, band-aid waterproof well fitting around the retaining cord attached, you can effectively keep the kids healthy

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