Baby products buy

- Oct 26, 2016-

1. should know more about the product's country of origin, manufacture or distribution company qualification! 2. product quality inspection report in detail, some products have trial experience these are full descriptions of the report's credibility and reputation of the product! 3. three baby products cannot purchase, cannot listen to business advertising, cheap, if there is no direction, ask Mommy or baby around. 4. Select baby products, try to choose a good after-sales service manufacturer or an affiliate, Internet users of the brand and the reputation of the product! 5. to guard against fake foreign brand, fake goods and deceptive. 6. electrical and electronic products, national testing standards have been set by reference to American and European standards, domestic electrical quality over the years is more stable, China accounts for more than 50%, as long as the domestic brands, safe to use, and some technical indicators of the domestic brand higher than foreign brands.

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